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Aaaarrrggghhhh! We have mice....again!

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LittleMy34 · 30/04/2008 17:19

We're really not bad housekeepers. Had mice in the old house, and managed to catch them with humane traps and get rid of them.

Moved to shiny new house, and just found telltale droppings behind toybox.

Are they following us?

Does everyone have mice?

Or are we doing something wrong?


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LittleMy34 · 30/04/2008 17:28

wow, that fell off active conversations in about ten seconds!

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LittleMy34 · 30/04/2008 18:01


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southeastastra · 30/04/2008 18:02

we seem to have got rid of ours. we put gravel right around the outside of the house, in all the little gaps. touch wood he longer visits.

smellypits · 30/04/2008 18:03

We had mice, then we got cats.

Now, we have no mice and wonderful, happy cats.

Psychomum5 · 30/04/2008 18:05

I have been on a mice killing mission now for over a week......they are supermice now as they are seen (lots), yet eat the food stuck on the trap and stay uncaught!!!


LittleMy34 · 30/04/2008 18:13

Glad I'm not the only one - was starting to feel persecuted!

I'd love a cat, but my mum's allergic, and she looks after DS for half a day a week. Weigh up free childcare against mice, I know what wins!

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2GIRLS · 30/04/2008 21:25

Once (years ago) we had rats!!! And we lived in a first floor flat, so we didn't realise at first. It was so awful, we called pest control and because we lived in a flat he couldn't understand how we had them, he said that the people downstairs must have them too. So he knocked at their door, asked if they had a rat problem they said Oh yes, we always have them, they've chewed through all our wires!!

So they had rats, did nothing about it, the rats came up through the cavity wall and gnawed through my cupboard to get in.

Luckily I noticed straight away so we got rid of them quickly, but really, some people are just dirty. If you have rats at least TRY and get rid of them!

Nothing to do with mice I'm afraid, but at least it's not rats

dylsmum1998 · 30/04/2008 21:46

nope no worries about rats if you see mice- the mice leave when rats arrive!! silver lining can fin dit anywhere

serioiusly tho, can you see anywhere they might be coming in- block up any holes with ire wool/brillo pads to prevent them being able to come in and put down traps or whatever you want/need to get rid

whomovedmychocolate · 30/04/2008 21:51

Humane traps - waste of bloody time IME. Rentokil poison traps or kill traps. Much better.

Actually don't feel bad, I killed one last week with a broom, it just ran past me as I was vacuuming the conservatory.

Oh and remember that for each one you see traces of, there are about thirty more being born behind the cupboard. Take your skirts off your kitchen cupboards, that's mostly where they hide out.

babyjjbaby · 01/05/2008 08:47

ohno we live ina caravn and in the awning we gots rats i hate it but there is nothing else we can do we don't have any food out there keep it clean and tidy vacuem the floor evry night so there is no food on the carpet and still get them luckily haven't had any the last mth but we will do and i don't think there is anything else we can do bout it oh and we have got 3 of those things that r sposed to send out a sound which makes them go

EffiePerine · 01/05/2008 08:53

You need the cheap wooden traps with the big spike and spring, none of the humane rubbish or the plasticky ones. They're about a pound each, just bin the whole trap when you've caught a mouse

wire wool in any holes you can find works as well

cherrylips · 01/05/2008 09:16

We had a mouse, a few weeks ago. Had come in through our cat flap (we dont have a cat though!). I was so freaked out. it was living behaind our fire place. I went to great effort hoovering our house, under sofa, chairs etc. Went out and bought traps. Put chocolate in the traps, and caught the little bugger that night. Mice love chocs.

It was a huge mouse, obviously we leave lots of toast crumbs lying around!!

lizziemun · 01/05/2008 09:19

My sister got a sonic plug in device which deters mice from coming into you hause.

She got it from a garden centre.

LittleMy34 · 01/05/2008 10:05

We've found the humane traps with peanut butter work very well - but you have to release the mouse at least 3 miles away from your house as the crow flies. Otherwise it just comes back!

Sometimes they die of fright on the way anyway

Didn't know about wire wool, thanks for that. Will it also stop slugs and snails? They come in every night and leave trails all over the carpet. Sigh. Suspect they're coming in the cat flap though, again, no cat but a flap from previous tenants.

Silver lining that there's no rats though, thanks!

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