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Steel yourselves for unpleasant topic - SWEAT

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ILiketoMarmiteMarmite · 29/04/2008 14:16

Wasn't sure where to post this, perhaps comes under laundry and therefore belongs here?

Problem: when armpits sweat armpits of clothes always become wet. After several wears (with a machine wash between each wear) all tops have smelly armpits. When you iron them you can actually smell the old sweat rising in the steam. Then next time you wear the top they get supersmelly superquickly.

I DO wear anti-persp EVERY day and I DO shower EVERY day.

Question: do I need a super-duper anti-perspirant? Can I treat my tops in some way to remove elderly sweat remnants?

Am very but better than stink.

OP posts:
itsahardknocklife · 29/04/2008 14:20

Which washing powder do you use? Biological is better than non-bio at removing smells.

ILiketoMarmiteMarmite · 29/04/2008 14:23

I thought that so have been using persil bio tablets. Also ironing super hot in case it's bacteria that need killing. It's a horrible thing and I've ruined loads of lovely tops.

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mumtojandm · 29/04/2008 14:24

Try adding a capful of white vinegar to your washing. Then wash again with normal washing powder and conditioner.

VacantlyPretty · 29/04/2008 14:25

Message withdrawn

ILiketoMarmiteMarmite · 29/04/2008 14:25

Hmmm mumtojandm I have never heard of this will def try. Could I overdo it by rubbing vinegar into armpits of tops before washing? Or is that daft?

OP posts:
ILiketoMarmiteMarmite · 29/04/2008 14:26

x post VP sounds like a plan.

OP posts:
ILiketoMarmiteMarmite · 29/04/2008 14:26

White vinegar = distilled malt vinegar?

OP posts:
mumtojandm · 29/04/2008 14:27

Not daft, but would try it just in washing first or like vacantly suggests, in a paste with bicarb. Don't worry, you're not the only one with this problem!

micci25 · 29/04/2008 14:27

do you use fabric softner? dp is very sweaty at times and my socks stink! if anything is really smelly in my wash load i pre wash it on a low temp and then put it on its normal cycle with an extra rinse and loads of fabric softner i use comfort easy iron but i think they do a fabreeze one that claims to keep your clothes smelling fresher longer

mumtojandm · 29/04/2008 14:28

Yes, but make sure it's the clear vinegar you get. The brown ones will leave marks on your washing!

piratecat · 29/04/2008 14:28

Over the yrs I have had some tops that seem to hold on to the sweat more, and then when ironed seem to smell. Perhaps you are using 2 hot an iron tho, in the attempt to kill the bacteria, and actually then burning the material.

I always use non bio, I didn't realsie there was a difference, or rather 'what' the difference was between bio and non bio.

If any tops have got too horrid, then they get thrown.

girlfrommars · 29/04/2008 14:31

Someone suggested Nappisan(sp?) as a solution on a similar thread. I keep meaning to try it on DHs work shirts.

TurkeyLurkey · 29/04/2008 14:32

If the tops are light or white then try soaking them in soda crystals first. They are dead cheap, from Wilkos or Supermarket and have got all dubious ground in sweaty stains from my tops armpits area. Nil, all gone now..I smell as sweet as a rose!

ILiketoMarmiteMarmite · 29/04/2008 14:36

I love MN.

Thank you all!

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