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bobbling sheets...why?!

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riverinegypt · 26/04/2008 23:47

Hi all you wise ladies... I bought expensive, good quality sheets because I was so sick of my cheap ones bobbling (or pilling or whatever the hell you call it!). I got two different brands. Anyway, after having them for 4 months both brands have little bobbles on them! (The slighty cheaper one has more). I haven't tumble dried them. Why does this happen? What am I doing wrong? It's driving me crazy and it's such a waste of money.

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 26/04/2008 23:49

Are they polycotton? It's the poly that tends to bobble.

Get egyptian cotton next time

riverinegypt · 26/04/2008 23:51

No, they're Egyptian cotton. One set cost something like £150

OP posts:
Flibbertyjibbet · 26/04/2008 23:53

I got egyptian cotton from Matalan for a tenth of that and no bobbling here.

marina · 26/04/2008 23:54

Real Egyptian cotton shouldn't bobble - have only ever seen this on polycotton tbh

Remotew · 26/04/2008 23:56

Mine havent bobbled and been in use for over 4 years. Noticed DD's had, bless her they were ripped and almost threadbare went out and bought her new bedding but £150 no where near that cost.

WendyWeber · 26/04/2008 23:57

I have both TKMaxx (heavily reduced) and Matalan (shop price) egyptian cotton and mine haven't bobbled either (about £10 for a double fitted sheet, mine)

(The TK Maxx ones are silkier though)

rie, what are you doing to them?????

Ledodgy · 26/04/2008 23:58

I also got the egyptian cotton from matalan and no bobbling but have fond memories of getting into bed as a child and loving the feeling of bobbled sheets.

riverinegypt · 26/04/2008 23:58

I am happy for you, Flibbery

OP posts:
riverinegypt · 27/04/2008 00:08

Whoops... was in mid of post when DS started screaming and I left the computer. I didn't realise I'd posted it! It looks very bitchy. It wasn't meant to be Flibberty! Was supposed to put after it!
I also had ones from TKMaxx and they bobbled too (hence me getting proper full price expensive ones!) I can't believe this is only a problem for me! What the hell am I doing to them that you guys aren't?!

OP posts:
skyatnight · 27/04/2008 00:16

When I was a student, I can remember having bobbly sheets. It used to drive me nuts. I got out a razor and 'shaved' the sheets one night, in a manic mood! It did help a bit, mainly because it got out my frustration. Sorry, no advice about how to avoid it, though.

nannyL · 27/04/2008 08:57

IMO only polycottone bobbles

BUT i have a tesco value sheet (cause it was just the rigth blue) thugh is essentially just a nornal poly cotton sheet in a boring packet.

Have been alterneting 2 for 2 years and no bobbles at all

Have never known egyption cotton to bobble and no bobbls on my egyption cotton pillow cases either.

My sheets ahve never beenin tumble dryer and have ALWAYS been line dried

I also wash at 60 with eiterh bio colour liqid or soap nuts... not softener ever but a glug on vinigar if a remember

themildmanneredjanitor · 27/04/2008 09:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

riverinegypt · 28/04/2008 01:52

OK. Looks like I really am the only person on the planet this happens to! Maybe my DH and I move around in bed too much By the way, it hasn't happened on my top sheets or pillowcases, just the bottom sheet.

OP posts:
MeMySonAndI · 28/04/2008 01:53

Perhaps you are putting your towels in the same wash?

riverinegypt · 28/04/2008 01:55

Oh, I am pretty sure that I have put towels in the same wash occasionally. Is this the wrong thing to do?

OP posts:
MeMySonAndI · 28/04/2008 01:58

The bobbling comes from the towels, according to GF who must not be mentioned in this site

nannyL · 28/04/2008 12:55

I always wash mine with towels and no bobbles for me
(same dark 60c wash)

MeMySonAndI · 28/04/2008 20:38

Do you put them together in the drier too? Mind you, I didn't particularly noticed the problem until I got a lovely very fluffy set of egyptian cotton towels.

nannyL · 28/04/2008 20:44

i line dry mine... would never put a bed sheet in the dryer

only towels and only very very occasionaly

MeMySonAndI · 28/04/2008 20:46

I do all the time, so problem sorted... it is the combination of towels and other textiles in the drier

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