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a vacuum cleaner for Amtico floor

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mckenzie · 26/04/2008 19:41

We have amtico in quite a large area downstairs and I hate sweeping it as I'm sure I don't collect all the dust/rubbish, I think I just sweep it around from one side to the other . Is there a vacuum cleaner that would do the job but would also work on carpet for the rest of the house?


OP posts:
ajandjjmum · 26/04/2008 20:06

Damp mop would do it. Amtico have a list of care guidelines which they would let you have.

popmum · 26/04/2008 20:18

a henry works on wood and on carpet very easily henry

Prufrock · 26/04/2008 20:56

You need a robomop. There have been lots of posts about it recently - do an archive search. It won't do your carpet, but will mean you don't ever have to sweep again.

onepieceoflollipop · 26/04/2008 20:58

Yes definitely a henry. You easily switch it from hard floor - carpets and back again. Very handy as we have mostly hard floors downstairs but a rug too.

mckenzie · 27/04/2008 06:41

I do mop it all ajandjjmum but I can't be doing with that every day - too time consuming. I wanted something to just whizz round with daily so the robomop sounds perfect. I found it for £20 so I've ordered one of those first and if that's pants then I'll go for the Henry.
thanks for all the replies.

OP posts:
Prufrock · 27/04/2008 10:05

welcome to my cult mckenzie. I really should ask for commission!

ajandjjmum · 27/04/2008 13:38

You're very good, cleaning it every day! Mine get whizzed around a couple of times a week max!!

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