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Help there's a wasp in my bathroom skylight - do I dial 999?

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MilkyChopsKid · 21/04/2008 13:03

Only joking about calling the emergency services but the problem is real and I need a shower!

There is no way out from the skylight and no window in the bathroom. Swotting won't work as it is way too high up and I don't have any fly killer. I can't even see it at the moment as there are ledges that it must be sitting on.

Anybody know how to attract a wasp out so that I can swot it?

OP posts:
notnowbernard · 21/04/2008 13:04

Ignore it?

MamaG · 21/04/2008 13:05

Have a strip wash at the kitchen sink

tissy · 21/04/2008 13:07

fruit or a sugary mixture, jam, squashed banana......

can't you just ignore it while you shower?

Mamazon · 21/04/2008 13:07

put some marmalade or sugary water in a cup just outside the bathroom.
the Wasp will be attracted to it and will fly to teh cup.
idealy place it on a window ledge next to a window (which you leave open)

hopefully by the time you have had your shower the wasp will have buggered off.

MilkyChopsKid · 21/04/2008 14:19

I can mostly ignore it but in the shower I wouldn't be able to see or hear it coming!

Thanks for the tip Mamazon, I'll try setting up a sugary trap. Perhaps I'll add some vodka for good measure!

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