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How do I keep my bath mat from going mouldy underneath?

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Fizzylemonade · 18/04/2008 08:38

It is in the bath in the main bathroom (we have en-suite shower so rarely use the bathroom) and my boys have bubbles in the bath and also their hair is washed daily (it is needed as ds2 puts all sorts of food and salt dough in his hair!)

I rinse the bath out after they had finished but the mat still ends up slimey underneath and then starts to turn a nice grey colour around the suckers. Nice.

I know that I need to lift it out of the bath to dry but where do I put it???? How do you all do it?

OP posts:
Hoonette · 18/04/2008 08:40

I will be watching this thread as I have a similarly embarrassing bath mat!

Hoonette · 18/04/2008 08:40

I will be watching this thread as I have a similarly embarrassing bath mat!

saltire · 18/04/2008 08:44

I put mine over the bath rack to dry off

Sidge · 18/04/2008 16:03

I hang mine sucker-side up on the side of the bath.

When they get too far gone I bin it and buy a new one for £1.87 in Tesco

SlightlyMadSweet · 18/04/2008 16:07

Just give it a good shake.

I use to sucker it to the tiled wall over the bath to dry but it would fall off during the night and wake us.

NOw I unstick it give it a good shake and put it back in teh bath sucker side up when it is emty.

Just accept you have to buy a new one every 3m or so. They are not/don't have to be expensive.

chocolatespiders · 18/04/2008 16:07

you need to dry it after every use...

and only buy cheap one from argos or tesco.. so if it does need replacing it wont break the budget

suedonim · 18/04/2008 16:49

Hang it over the side of the bath, sucker side up, to dry. Give it a whirl in the washing machine with the towels, now and then.

margoandjerry · 18/04/2008 16:51

Mine is disgusting [jaunty emoticon]

Was pondering the anti-mould ones versus the cheapo £1 ones that you can replace regularly.

crokky · 18/04/2008 16:51

get a machine washable bath mat, wash it now and then

Anna8888 · 18/04/2008 16:52

Wash it

I have six bath mats and I wash almost daily.

avenanap · 18/04/2008 16:53

Agree with suedonum, I've had mine for ages (years), I hang it over the side of the bath to let it dry after the bath has been used, I also give it a good clean every now and again.

Fizzylemonade · 18/04/2008 21:31

I shall buy new clean shiny mat and then hang it sucker side up over the side of the bath.

I shall report back my findings

Thank you to all, we buy the tesco extra long one as my 2 boys fight over who gets the most space and try to be at complete opposite ends of the bath.

OP posts:
StressTeddy · 18/04/2008 21:31

You can't . Buy a new one every 3 months

laura032004 · 20/04/2008 06:35

I buy a long one too, prob also from Tesco, so I try to make it last a while as they're about £10 each time.

We also hang ours up after using - usually by sticking it to the wall, then when it's dryish, hanging it over the bath.

The other day I was on the verge of binning it as it was v.yucky underneath, so I left it for the day in a strong solution of bleach and washing up liquid. It worked really well - all the sliminess has gone, and the mat just has grey patches underneath where the mould has tried to attack it.

I had an anti bac one last time, and I think it fared better, but it was summer then, so maybe it dried quicker Unfortunately I took it away with us on holiday, and left it in the hotel

Othersideofthechannel · 20/04/2008 07:11

We have had the same one for nearly 5 years. We rinse it then hang it over a clothes airer sucker side up over the bath so it doesn't drip on the floor.
It is a Mothercare one with water temp sensor that still works.

Furball · 20/04/2008 07:14

also try and get a clear plasticy type one rather than rubber, they don't seem to suffer at all if hung to dry.

Tigerschick · 20/04/2008 07:57

We have 2 shower tray ones even tho we have a bath.
When DD is in the bath we put them both down and when someone is having a shower we use just one, and alternate. This way they both have quite a long time to dry every other day.
I just hang them over the side of the bath and put the towel mat from the floor over the top which seems to soak up a lot of the wet.
They still need replacing every so often but I think these work out cheaper than special long ones and you can get into a system of replacing them one at a time.

belgo · 20/04/2008 07:59

I wash it regulalry in the washing machine.

maidamess · 20/04/2008 08:04

You can get those textured stickers that go on the bottom of the bath and stay there to provide 'grip' for little soapy wouldn't have to wash them at all.

Papillon · 20/04/2008 08:20

White vinegar is good against mold and slime, keep some in a spray bottle in the bathroom. And hang over bath, the mat, when not in use.

Agree that elbow grease is needed on occasion, or buy a new one as they sound cheap to replace.

belgo · 20/04/2008 08:21

scrubbing with a brush, and like papillon says, elbow grease are needed, but I find the washing machine works great.

Takenoprisoners · 21/04/2008 16:02

Hang to air-dry and wash in machine with a little bleach every now and then.

TappeT · 01/07/2018 07:52

please try to avoid ditching and buying new very frequently as we're just adding to the plastic overload. You can get years of use out of the cheap ones by letting them dry and air. If you do get mould starting to grow around the base of the suckers I find a little antibacterial wash used with an old toothbrush will shift it and leave the mat good as new

Auldspinster · 01/07/2018 08:31

I haven't used one for ages but i used to pop mine in the washing machine and it came out ok.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds · 01/07/2018 21:44

Flip on its back (suckers side up), spray with diluted bleach, leave 5 mins then rinse off.

Leave sucker side up to dry off.

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