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wine deliveries

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ThingOne · 11/04/2008 17:27

Any recommendations?

We've used Laithwaites in the past and stopped because we had such a big backlog after pregnancy/illness and we were moving.

Now our wine racks are empty and DH is getting thirsty. Local offie is half a shelf in corner shop and he wants a bit more variety.

Which ones have you used and who would you recommend?

Who would you avoid like the plague?

Any good offers on anywhere atm?

We're not great buffs but got used to nice wine living in Brussels for several years where it was cheaper and we had more money.

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RosaLuxforherfriends · 11/04/2008 17:28

I like Majestic, we have used them for parties and found them reliable and with more interesting stock than a lot of supermarkets.

ScienceTeacher · 11/04/2008 17:31

We get a Virgin case every couple of months. They are very good - interesting wines.

BecauseImWorthIt · 11/04/2008 17:36

DH orders stuff from the Sunday Times which is always pleasant (especially as he pays for it!)

There's also Berry Bros, who have a new whizzy website - will try and find a link to it.

BecauseImWorthIt · 11/04/2008 17:38


BeauLocks · 11/04/2008 17:39

We are members of the wine society - dh is a wine buff. They are very good and have lots of fab wine.

Slubberdegullion · 11/04/2008 18:16

We use the Wine Soc too. We just get a mixed case every month, and are rarely disappointed.

You get a little bit of bumf on each wine, which after reading makes me feel moderately intellectual and high brow (rather than usual sainsbo's quaffing lush).

claricebeansmum · 11/04/2008 18:23

Wine Soc too - good selections and the notes give you a bit of guidance too. Useful for when you have a "I really like that one" moment

ThingOne · 11/04/2008 19:43

Thank you. We will entertain ourselves later with these.

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