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I want to paint my large bathroom....What colour?

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Julezboo · 11/04/2008 14:41

It has 1 small and 1 very big window so is light a very light room, bigger than our box room but it is atm (thanks mil!) a minty green colour all over and its vile!

OP posts:
Julezboo · 11/04/2008 14:42

oh and not blue (rest of the house was blue, thanks again mil!) lol

OP posts:
LilyMunster · 11/04/2008 14:45

do it all white, a la the white co. paint the furniture too.

FAWKEOFF · 11/04/2008 14:45

a really pale yellow would look nice

numptysmummy · 11/04/2008 14:46

Soft green - nice anad bright,relaxing and clean looking.

Julezboo · 11/04/2008 17:29

thanks, faweoff I was thinking a pale yellow.

numptysmummy want to stay away from green, although would be easier to paint over lol

lily - have a house full of boys who tend to spray bathroom, white would create more work for me!

OP posts:
claricebeansmum · 11/04/2008 17:30

Clean and crisp and hygenic looking
Accent with coloured towels if you have to

ninedragons · 12/04/2008 07:49

Palest, palest blush pink or white.

Anything else is unflattering if you do your makeup in there.

TwoFirTreesToday · 14/04/2008 09:26

heritage red with white tiles and mat

PuffCoddy · 14/04/2008 09:27

snigger at large bathrwwom

scaryteacher · 17/04/2008 13:18

Mine was hot fuschia pink on the upper walls and the panelling on the lower walls was a bright electric blue. There was a huge bright pink cast iron radiator as well. Loved it to bits, and to have it all repainted when we moved abroad and let the house. I will reinstate it when we go back.

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