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lose dining table to fit in a two seater sofa or make the kids carry on sitting on the floor?

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misdee · 10/04/2008 14:46

dont have room for both. so table or sofa?

we have a 3 seater sofa and dh angel chair from when he was on the LVAD. kids cant sit on the angel chair as they have a tendancy to use it as a roundabout.

i'm swinging towards just letting them carry on sittin on the floor. am i mean?

OP posts:
Kathyis6incheshigh · 10/04/2008 14:47

Can they have big cushions or beanbags? I think you're right, a dining table is really important.

misdee · 10/04/2008 15:13

have no room for bean bags. our living room also has the back door to the garden in it, so its quite cramped for space.

might get some larger-than-average cushions which they can sit on on the floor, but that can also be chucked on the sofa.

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 10/04/2008 15:14

Could you velcro them to the walls?

Iota · 10/04/2008 15:15

seems like there's a market for bunk-sofas - like bunk-beds but for sitting on

Pannacotta · 10/04/2008 15:16

Floor cushions (as you say coudl be thrown onto sofa if needed) or could you get a folding table whish folds away small when not in use?

misdee · 10/04/2008 15:17

the table we have is a folding one. seriously the living room is small.

i am very tempted by the velcro idea

OP posts:
susiecutiebananas · 10/04/2008 15:20

I think bunk sofas are the best idea in the world, I don't know why no-ones actually done it yet!

I was going to suggest getting bean bags. They needn't be huge. They could sit on them, infront of the sofa so not taking up extra room... really comfy too Getting on for DD.
I used to lie on the floor, infront of the telly,( by choice) and mum bought me a huge cushion in the end, it was like a v shaped one I used when preg.

I think it a shame to have dining table. I didn't have one for many years, and missed it, we've got one now we've moved, and i'd to want to give it up for anything|!

CountessDracula · 10/04/2008 15:36

How about this

It can be used as a pouffe or table and folded out onto the floor to be more comfortable seating, the back can be propped up to make an ad-hoc sofa

CountessDracula · 10/04/2008 15:37

And could be stored under dining table

That is pretty effing brilliant IMO!

CountessDracula · 10/04/2008 15:38

And can be used as spare bed
And you can get on 21 day trial

RTKangaMummy · 10/04/2008 15:44

i was going to say beenbags

wot abuout them taking to their rooms when not in sitting room and going under their bed

RTKangaMummy · 10/04/2008 15:44

i like cd idea too

misdee · 10/04/2008 17:42

i quite like that CD. have bookmarked it for future reference

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 10/04/2008 17:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee · 10/04/2008 17:48

no idea RR. we need to find enough id inc passports to get back on the husing list. we are going to put the place up for private exchange as well. am still trying to gently persuade my aunt this place is perfect for her. she has a big 4 bed place, with seperate dining room, and enough room in living room for 2 3 seaters lol. but not sure she will, as this place is pretty small overall.

OP posts:
susiecutiebananas · 10/04/2008 18:26

God, that is amazing! what a fab idea! I wonder , do you have to have it leaning against something for mot functions? So good! Good find!!

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