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just found some mould in washing machine

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bigspender30 · 09/04/2008 13:24

Help?? What do I do now? Just found black mould on the inside of the rubber seal in my newish washing machine. Does anyone else have this bother and whats the best way to remove it?

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CountessDracula · 09/04/2008 13:25

do you use gel or liquid instead of powder/tablets?

If so I would swithc
i had this prob
now I use tabs is not a prob

Wendyjayb · 09/04/2008 13:25

I get mould in the powder drawer on mine, but not noticed any on the seal

bigspender30 · 09/04/2008 13:34

i use powder and fabric softener. Its making me gag. It is not visible but I noticed it as there was a wrapper stuck in the seal and when I pulled it out I noticed it.YUK!

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Islamum · 09/04/2008 13:36

I have this too, not sure what to do though, watching

CrackerOfNuts · 09/04/2008 13:37

I have the same problem, newish washer and suddenly have loads of mould on the seal. Never had this problem with any previous machine.

auntieem · 09/04/2008 13:52

Check this out
I have now switched back to bio powder and the problem has resolved and my dd's skin has not fallen off

auntieem · 09/04/2008 13:53

also leave the door open to dry out after washing

bigspender30 · 09/04/2008 14:35

thanks for that! Bio powder it is then!

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