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What colour carpet????

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FAQ · 07/04/2008 23:04

DS1 wants light blue walls, blue (dark) curtains and dark blue lampshade for his bedroom. I'm buying him a pine cabin bed and matching wardrobe, but it's only a small room, and I have NO idea what colour carpet to get him.......

I'm thinking more blue would just be too much......

OP posts:
digitalgirl · 07/04/2008 23:06

how about grey?

snice · 07/04/2008 23:07

Biscuit coloured carpet with white woodwork

FAQ · 07/04/2008 23:10

I don't like painted woodwork.........

Grey, what dark or light???

OP posts:
mumofdjandbabies · 07/04/2008 23:14

eek not a light carpet!

Swedes · 07/04/2008 23:15

Gold coloured.

FAQ · 07/04/2008 23:15

meant also to add, he'll be nearly 8 (probably) by the time I actually get this done (maybe over if I keep dragging my heels.....) (if that makes a difference.....)

OP posts:
FunkyGlassSocks · 08/04/2008 08:18

dark beige colour.

maidamess · 08/04/2008 08:19

Whatever it is, get a washable cotton rug to go over the top. You won't regret it!

MrsBadger · 08/04/2008 08:59

porridge / biscuit / sand

a warm colour will stop all that blue from being too cold

Anna8888 · 08/04/2008 09:02

Light blue walls quickly look grey in northern climates and impart an unhealthy pallor on people in the room.

Better to have royal blue walls and lighter curtains if you have to have blue. And try to get a pale lampshade that imparts a warmer glow.

For the floor, I'd have sea grass for a boy's room, with a softer rug on top.

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