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my tumble dryer won't bet hot...

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lucylala · 06/04/2008 19:48

A few days ago, we aquired a pretty new tumble dryer from a relative. I can honestly say it's changed my life!! I LOVE it!

However, having washed the entire contents of my house in last few days and nearly got the final batch of washing - 3 washing baskets empty! all odd socks in pairs! (am sooo excited)'s stopped drying stuff! argh!! sob sob!! Have I worn it out?

It's going round and round, not making any funny noises, I've emptied the water, cleaned the fluff filter and it just won't get hot.

I realise I am getting slightly over obsessed with how much this tumble dryer is affecting my happiness but never had one before and it's total heaven not to have clothes all over the house or piled to the roof in baskets!

Help!! Any ideas?

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 06/04/2008 19:50

the thermostat had gone on mine think it cost about £80 to repair from memory. Check you're doesn;t have a reset button though which may be cheaper!

brimfull · 06/04/2008 19:50

look at the back
if there is a small red button press it in
if it clicks that means the dryer has overheated and something has kicked in to stop that.
Once you've clicked it it should work .

Waswondering · 06/04/2008 19:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heated · 06/04/2008 20:15

Our condenser has just gone kaput after 10 years loyal service and ordered another one yesterday from JL. Although spinning fine, no heat. Just been to check and strangely relieved that it hasn't got a magic button & spent all that money for nothing!

Cheapest new one just over £100, I think.

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