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A wee bit worried about de-frosted organic beef.....

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wannamake · 05/04/2008 11:51

I froze it Feb, defrosted it for one day in the fridge, only to find it had a hole in the bled over the shelves.(this was yesterday)
Anyway, I cooked a stew with it, and made a coupla pasties for today which are now in the fridge.
later yesterday evening, i had a bit of a tummyache, and woke up with a headache.My DD who ate some stew seems fine.IM worrying a bit and feel a bit reluctant to eat the rest of the stew, or pasties.
am I being overly paranoid????

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hippipotami · 05/04/2008 11:59

There is a headachy nausea type bug going around. I think if your dd ate the same beef and is fine, then the beef is not to blame.
Also, if hte beef was to blame, I don't think it would cause a headache. I think you would be suffering d&v instead.

Hope you feel better soon.

shinyshoes · 05/04/2008 12:00

I wouldnt say that there is anything wrong, however, when you froze it in Feb and if there was a hole already in the packaging there might have been a bit of 'freezer burn' which from what I can gather can make you ill.

But if the hole resulted for you taking it out of the freezer then let it defrost, all you are doing is getting air to it which isnt a bad thing.

If hubby is fine, chances are you've just got a bug, I would eat what you have cooked. As long as it tasted fine I wouldnt worry too much, use your own judgement

southeastastra · 05/04/2008 12:01

same thing happened to me last weekend, it was awful really messy! something must happen to the packaging when it's frozen.

sure you'll be fine though.

wannamake · 05/04/2008 12:04

OK. thankyou that is (oddly)reassuring iyswim! still dont fancy the least Im (hopefully)not poisoning the DD.
Thanks for your reply!

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