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Altering a dress - help needed!

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jakethepeg · 03/04/2008 17:40

I bought a gorgeous halterneck dress recently, I love it but unfortunately it is too tight

I ordered a size 8 as that's what I normally am but would need a 10 and they don't have any 10's in stock (was in sale, I am a cheapskate!).

I really like it and was thinking of trying to get it altered but I have no idea if its a massive job and I might as well forget it and send it back. Its too tight around the stomach/hips and bust area - it zips up the side and it does fasten but its not very comfy!!!

Where would someone start to alter it? Is it a big job and not worth it? I have no idea as I am useless with needle and thread!!!


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hopefully · 04/04/2008 13:21

If it only needs altering in one place, then it's probably worth it, but if it needs loads of changes, it's probably not worth it. Also, it's a lot harder to make a dress bigger than smaller, especially as there's unlikely to be much spare material in the seams of modern clothes.

dylsmum1998 · 04/04/2008 14:12

agree with hopefully I'm afraid. i have been known to alter clothes that are too big for me, when found a nice sale bargain, but have never attempted to make any bigger from shop due to lack of material to play with

jakethepeg · 04/04/2008 20:56

Thanks a lot.

I tried it on with my hold in pants and its just around the ribs area where its a bit too tight. I can breathe ... but only just lol!

I shall take it to someone I know who is good with a needle and thread and hope there is enough material in it for it to be taken out half an inch!

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fizzbuzz · 04/04/2008 21:40

I,m not sure there would be enough material. I used to be a pattern cutter, and seam allowances in industry are very skimpy, and getting skimpier all the time. The maximum seam allowance yoy will have is 1.5cm, but more likely to be 1cm.

Also when things have been sewn and pressed unpicking anything usually leaves some sort of mark

fizzbuzz · 04/04/2008 21:41

Also, you have to let it out evenly on all the seams, this may involve unpicking the zip, as the balance will be wrong otherwise

jakethepeg · 04/04/2008 21:49

Yikes sounds like a big job!

Maybe I will send it back!


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