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Any kitchen designers/ fridge experts about? Is there such a thing as a double under counter fridge?

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Katisha · 01/04/2008 18:13

I will probably end up getting two fridges.
But what I want in an ideal world is a double width larder fridge that fits under the worktop, not a fridge-freezer as we have a chest freezer in the garage. I don't want a tall fridge, but something wide that would hold as much as a tall larder fridge, but under the counter.
I think this will be an unanswered post as I don't think it exists, but here's trying just in case anyone knows of such a thing!

OP posts:
Iota · 01/04/2008 18:25

the only ones I can find are fridge freezers or drinks chiillers like these

popmum · 01/04/2008 18:25

found one! double under counter fridge

popmum · 01/04/2008 18:28

you need to check though, actually not 100% sure it has 2 doors!

Katisha · 01/04/2008 18:32

Ooh thanks for looking! Popmum I thought I had it sorted with that baumatic but other sites seem to imply it is actually a fridge freezer

OP posts:
popmum · 01/04/2008 18:36

give the company in my link a call - biasco - they are specialists in integrated appliances so may know of another one or can tell you for sure yes or no. The picture does look, on reflection, like a fridge/freezer though....sorry!

Triggles · 02/04/2008 20:23

I have seen them in a couple stores in the last year (sorry, it's been a bit so I don't remember what ones), so they do exist. Best of luck!

Katisha · 02/04/2008 22:40

Really Triggles? A sighting!

OP posts:
angelbabies · 02/04/2008 22:50

They do these sort of fridges in the catering industry, they are called larder fridges i think, if you could find a catering equipment hire place i'm sure they would be able to help, they are usually stainless steel so i'm not sure if this would be of any interest?

Maidamess · 02/04/2008 22:52

I've got a sneaking suspicion Ikea might do them...but don't quote me.

Triggles · 03/04/2008 07:01

I know I saw one in a local store about 8 months ago when we were went to buy our own fridge/freezer, as DH and I actually talked about getting it, but then decided against it. It was one of those home stores that has home furnishings and appliances. I can't think of the name of the store, but I'll ask DH if he remembers or if he can remember where else we've seen them.

throckenholt · 03/04/2008 07:40

we went for two separate under counter fridges (for the same sort of reasons as you) - we have
on larder one and one with an ice box in - but we rarely use the icebox.

Katisha · 03/04/2008 09:19

Thanks everyone for helping - I've seen the commercial chiller type things but am after a mutant version of the usual domestic fridge. Throckenholt I'm pleased to hear you went for two fridges and that it's not a mad idea! Did you ever actually come across any double ones while you were deciding?

OP posts:
noddyholder · 03/04/2008 09:29

You can buy 2 abd have the doors opening on opposite sides to give the look of one HTH I had a really lovely steel liebherr undercounter fridge where 2 would have looked great

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