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What do you use to remove old carpet underlay/gluey/foam stuff?

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ImflightbutIcantlogintoday · 01/04/2008 14:41

Just taken the carpets off the stairs as they were being eaten by moths. There were loads of nails underneath which I've mostly removed but also lots of the foam backing stuff has adhered to the wood, is there a way to dissolve the glue?

I'm stuck scraping it off otherwise, it's not working very well


and has anyone fitted their own stair carpet?
I'm wondering if it's possible to DIY it. There is a corner near the bottom though.

OP posts:
janmoomoo · 01/04/2008 20:04

Just doing this myself. Using nitromores (nasty paint/varnish stripper) and its working no problem. But just dont inhale it - instant headache.

ImflightbutIcantlogintoday · 02/04/2008 08:06

Ooh brilliant, thankyou so much, I actually rather like nitromors...any excuse to use it!

Might save me forking out for new carpet! Mind you I have a suspicion it was the only thing holding up the stairs. One has a huge crack and every time I stand on it now it seems to dip 2 inches

OP posts:
Flight · 02/04/2008 08:07

Testing, I think I have a split personality!

ScienceTeacher · 02/04/2008 08:07

Carpet fitters have a special knife for removing clumps of foam - so scraping is the professional method.

Flight · 02/04/2008 08:07

That's better!

Flight · 02/04/2008 08:08

Oh do they? I'm doing something right then...but nitromors would get the old paint off too, wouldn't it? at the edges I mean.

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