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Friday FLY.....

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DontDreamItBeIt · 28/03/2008 07:00


Good morning everyone

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Grouchyoscar · 28/03/2008 15:39

Ah! Dyls I get ignored for some courses as I already have a degree. I tell them nobody want's a Human Ecologist in West Yorks so I'd like to retrain but have a degree therefore someone should want me

Grouchyoscar · 28/03/2008 15:48

Spent all afternoon making paper dice with word sounds on (sh, ch, st etc) so son and heir can get his letter blend

Please can we have nice weather next week so we can go somewhere

dylsmum1998 · 28/03/2008 16:57

GO thatsa bit daft, if you cant get on a course cos you have a degree, especially if its irrelevant to the course!
lol don't mind if next weeks weather is crap, personally, lol our easter hols don't start til the week after so nice weather can wait til then please. especially as we're going away the second week of the hols!

TheMadHouse · 28/03/2008 17:09

Just doing cheese on toast for the boys tea, so catching up.

GO That is daft

Dyls Snap re the holiday timings, although we are going to a petting farm (busmans holiday - FIL is a farmer) next wed with toddlers so nice weather please

Sag you have been busy

Ludaloo · 29/03/2008 08:02

Weekend is here

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