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help - DS3 just tipped cooking oil all over kitchen floor

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Tommy · 27/03/2008 13:57

how do I clear it up? Am soaking it up with newspaper at the moment but not what to o next!

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stleger · 27/03/2008 14:02

Cat litter is good if you can get your hands on some...and be grateful it wasn't a glass bottle of olive oil just before visitors arrive...

Tommy · 27/03/2008 14:07

thanks - don't have any at moment except what's in cat tray and not sure that would be very pleasant!!
Have tried with a floor wipe which seems to have helped but now have DS3 siting on other side on gate across kitchen door crying in just a nappy cos I think he wants to come back and have another go.....

one of those days...

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SpacePuppy · 27/03/2008 14:18

soap and water.

LarryVeest · 27/03/2008 14:21

Try bunging cornflour all over it. The bulk of the oil should absorbe into the flour. The remainder should be easy to clean with washing up liquid and water.

Tommy · 27/03/2008 15:00

actually some sort of flour did cross my mind but I couldn't remember what exactly I should do .

Thanks all

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