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I swear I never thought the day would come when i would be actually getting excited about cleaning problems but hey,the day has arrived and Moondog's house is sparkling as a result.

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moondog · 26/03/2008 12:41

This stuff is bloody brilliant-cleans off anything at all
Astonish paste

And this little beuaty has you dusting in manner of manic Fifties housewife who has overdone the amphetamines
Groovy microfibre dusting glove

OP posts:
marmadukescarlet · 26/03/2008 12:47
NomDePlume · 26/03/2008 12:50

I like the look of that paste.

[tragic emoticon]

Twiglett · 26/03/2008 12:52

oh bless your little (organically grown) cotton socks

wannaBe · 26/03/2008 12:58

How did I know that when I clicked on the link it would take me to lakeland? .

So now that your house is sparkling, fancy coming round and doing mine?

CountessDracula · 26/03/2008 13:00


CountessDracula · 26/03/2008 13:01

can I just point out that YOUR HOUSE IS IMMACULATE ANYWAY
you don't need all this crud

RubyRioja · 26/03/2008 13:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiglett · 26/03/2008 13:02

if anybody is buying from Lakeland, get the Australian licorice

the blackcurrant flavour and mango flavour are particularly good

saltire · 26/03/2008 13:04

Oh God, wicked witch MIL shops there and is coming down on Saturday for a week, no doubt armed with loads of cleaning things to clean my "dirty" house!

WanderingTrolley · 26/03/2008 13:08

Oh ffs.

I was just going to say that about the licorice

Glad your home is sparkling moondog. The thing I want most from Lakeland is this Sod the housework, I want fun baked goods!

choosyfloosy · 26/03/2008 13:11

WanderingTrolley, [stern] you realise that small boys could see that link and actually think I am going to buy it and make them an exciting train cake, as opposed to a soggy Value swiss roll and 4 rolos like what they had last year and what was good enough for me at their age?

[blocks Lakeland address]

moondog · 26/03/2008 13:13

Is that licorice nice?

I also treated myself (lmao) to a bumper pack of five (yes five) microfibre cloths for specific purposes and ros petal and violet petal jam.

OP posts:
Twiglett · 26/03/2008 13:20

yes it's yummy

I treated myself to a Panasonic breadmaker last time I lakeland(ed)

moondog · 26/03/2008 13:21

My mate has one of those.Says it is brill but I'm not convinced. How long does it take to knock out a loaf? (I can feel thinghs spreading at thoguht of hot crusts oozing wihnbuttert)

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 26/03/2008 13:23

I really fancy the panasonic one, the £99 jobby. I might have to buy one today

[just got paid emoticon]

margoandjerry · 26/03/2008 13:23

And I want this

I have an idea of myself as someone who is good at icing and decorating and crafty type things and it will come out looking delightful and pretty. It will actually end up looking like my windscreen after a long drive on a motorway through a haze of midges.

StealthPolarBear · 26/03/2008 13:24

does jif not clean anything and everything though? I am always really impressed by how well a 59 bottle of yellow gunk can clean.
My house is not sparkling mind!

Twiglett · 26/03/2008 13:24

rapid bake is 2 hours .. normal is anywhere from 3 (for white) to 5 for wholemeal

got it last weekend have made white bread, wholemeal bread, pizza dough, hot cross buns and fruit loaf so far

am sorely tempted by the 'tear and share breads'

WendyWeber · 26/03/2008 13:25

moondog, I have that mitt - DD1 gave it to me for Christmas - what is she trying to tell me?

Microfibre cloths (mine are from Lidl & Aldi, not Lakeland) are the most amazing invention - there is nothing they won't clean, without chemicals, and without even much hard rubbing, you can lob them in the washer on one of those boil-washes-to-clear-the-gunk-out and they're good as new again.

We have uPVC windows (I know, I know) which are over 20 years old and the frames have long been grey and apparently uncleanable - but microfibre cloths have removed the grey!!!

Twiglett · 26/03/2008 13:26

oh god margoandjerry .. that's fabulous .. I want it

get the icing writing pens

WendyWeber · 26/03/2008 13:27

SPB, microfibre cloths are better than jif!!! That never did shift the grey off the uPVC, or only in tiny patches and very messily with lots of slimey water in the bucket.

moondog · 26/03/2008 13:29

lol at windscreen Margo.

Twig, are you planning to make that beastly pesto affair in yer Panasonic?

Guffaw at 'tear'n share'. More like 'divide (bread) 'n multiply (thighs)

Now then, do I wash my micre fibre cloths just in water or in washing liquid or does that bugger them up?

OP posts:
Twiglett · 26/03/2008 13:30

microfibre cloths just use water

to wash them put them in washing machine with a white load .. as hot as you do it

moondog · 26/03/2008 13:32

But my white load won't get clean will it as there will be no washing stuff in there then?

OP posts:
WanderingTrolley · 26/03/2008 13:33

I love microfibre cloths.
Aussie licorice isn't aniseed flavour [bleah] but oh-so-delicious and not v sweet and subtley flavoured, doesn't taste chemically at all.

This thread is just turning into Lakeland porn isn't it?

Oohhh, baby, YEAH!

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