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warm butter on jeans

5 replies

betterhalf · 25/03/2008 14:48

any ideas how I can get the stain out? I had a meal out and the little sachet of butter had completely melted, so as I opened it, it spilled all over my best pair of jeans!

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Sidge · 25/03/2008 14:49

Try washing up liquid rubbed in to the stain, then wash with biological powder/liquid.

Madwelshwoman · 25/03/2008 15:01

Failing that stain devil grease remover in the yellow tube is fab, rescued loads of mine that have suffered that fate!!

Walnutshell · 25/03/2008 15:03

stain devils are good

although I am finding Vanish pre-wash spray really excellent on all kinds of stains, even washed in. sometimes have to have a couple of goes. hoping it works on the lime pickle I have just spilled on my white t-shirt

DeeRiguer · 25/03/2008 15:30

vanish pre spray is good on most things

betterhalf · 25/03/2008 15:39

thanks, will try the suggestions.

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