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im supposed to be tidying as we have new babysitter coming tonight.motivate me!!

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cheesesarnie · 22/03/2008 13:02

i cant do it(whiney tone!) i know i should but i cant!and if i do the dcs are just messing it up again!please help kick my bum into gear!i dont want babysitter to thibk im total mess!(hes not been to the house before)

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TrinityTheProgressingRhino · 22/03/2008 13:03

he wont care
as long as he can find what he needs it doesn't matter

cheesesarnie · 22/03/2008 13:07

do you think?im worried he'll say im not sitting in here! also its first time in quite a while weve had someone whos not a member of family babysitting.i think thats why im panicking!

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nannynick · 22/03/2008 18:42

I think it's great that you are having a male babysitter. I'm a male nanny and I babysit for some local families, but men working in childcare is quite uncommon - at least in my area.

I'm sure he won't be bothered by whatever state your home is in. Just as long as the essentials are possible - making a drink in the kitchen, sitting somewhere to read a book/watch tv, getting to/from the children's rooms.

cheesesarnie · 23/03/2008 20:38

all turned out fine!he didnt hear a peep from the children!
at about 4pm dd(whos only 7) and i leapt into action!she folded and put away washing while i ran round with polish,hoover and mops!probably did me good to have an 'excuse' to clean!

best thing is hes argeed to come again!we had bad experience with last non family member babysitter so im really happy!

nannynick-hes 18 and after his a levels want to do childcare and open a daddy daycare type place!hes bit shy about what people think but his parents are both cms and hes fantastic with the children!

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nannynick · 24/03/2008 10:39

Feel free to put him in touch with me (see my profile), if he wants to chat with another man working in childcare.
I'm also shy with people, well adults... but I'm great with children, especially those with ASD. Not shy on mumsnet though but e-mail, chat forums, is different to face-to-face.

Great that your dd helped tidy up. Wish I could get the children to tidy up more. Any tips?

cheesesarnie · 24/03/2008 20:56

no help on the getting them to clean im afraid!she seems to have got the cleaning bug that skipped a few generations!
i'll let him know.his dad's a cm-my youngest goes there.i get 2 cms mr and mrs for price of one and ds gets to play with twice as many children!i think its more people his age tease him.i really hope he folows his heart instead of listening to his peers though-hes so good with children it would be ashame not too.

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