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Have just Mr Sheened the plasma screen with disastrous results!!...

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mwamwa · 21/03/2008 19:02

Its DH's pride and joy (all 42" of it) and I thought I'd do a little spring cleaning with the Mr Sheen. Not a good look. The screen now has streaky marks all over it and I have no idea how to get them off. No Easter eggs for me if I don't sort this out!!! Any ideas?

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SenoraPostrophe · 21/03/2008 19:05

do you have any window cleaner?

you can buy special screen cleaner too, but that's not v handy today.

FriedGreenTomatoes · 21/03/2008 19:06

Try a microfibre cloth with nothing on. it worked for me to get rid of streaks on the plasma in similar circumstances!

Ulysees · 21/03/2008 19:07

Have you checked owner manual? If not I found this but don't know if it works? I did the same thing and just used a damp cotton cloth to go over it.

Review your owner's manual. It should give you the best instruction for your set.
Use only a microfiber or 100% Cotton cloth. Do not use wood-based products such as paper towels or toilet paper, they could scratch the screen.
Do not use ammonia-based cleaners such as Windex, 409 or others. They could damage the anti-reflective coating on the glass.
Try first wiping it dry with the cotton or microfiber cloth.
If the problem persists, use a damp (water only) cloth to clean it.
Some manufacturers recommend using mild soap, but do not do this unless your manufacturer recommends it.

One of the best products for cleaning LCD screens also helps to 'fill in' minor imperfections, at least temporarily is one designed specifically for Plexiglas/polycarbonates used in motorcycle helmets, motorcycle windshields and aircraft windows... Plexus. Clean with a soft cloth or microfibre brush to remove dirt, vigorously shake the can and spray a light coating, top to bottom. Wipe with a soft, lint free cloth (a Vileda cloth is perfect) in a circular polishing motion. I have maintained an NEC screen this way for years and it looks brand new. The Plexus is designed to fill in minor imperfections and though it must be renewed periodically will clean a dirty screen and make an old screen look new.

LyraSilvertongue · 21/03/2008 19:07

Window cleaner or white vinegar will do it.

TaLcYonHerTodd · 21/03/2008 19:08

Just asked Dh...he says use plasma screen cleaner!


mwamwa · 21/03/2008 19:44

will dig out manual. thanks for all your invaluable suggestions. Its a good thing its dark now......have very dim lighting in sitting room. Will have to give it a go first thing in the morning methinks.

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