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what's the most time efficient way to clean a small flat?

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Gemzooks · 20/03/2008 20:59

I'm a working mum with little time. I'm not very practical and no-one in my family ever did much cleaning, so I can clean but think I do it in a time consuming and not very efficient way.

Can anyone describe step by step the quickest way to clean a small flat, without having to do it on just one occasion?

any tips much appreciated!

OP posts:
kama · 20/03/2008 21:03

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Message withdrawn

ChickenSoupDragon · 20/03/2008 21:04

Go out and let a cleaner do it

FluffyMummy123 · 20/03/2008 21:05

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 20/03/2008 21:07

The best is to minimise your clutter. You need to be really ruthless about it in a small flat.

I preferred to do a little every day rather than let it build up when we lived in a small flat.

Keeping the kitchen clean was the way I always started.

I washed dishes as soon as they were used as much as possible.

Floors tend to get grimy in small flats, so hoovering every other day and/or sweeping is vital.

The other hotspot that gets dirty quick is the bathroom. Clean it at least twice a week. It only takes about ten minutes because ours was small.

I use one of those Harpic toilet things with disposable 'brushes' and Parazone flushable wipes for the toilet and that makes it easy to clean.

Also, invest in an all purpose cleaner. Astonish makes a 'creme cleanser' that's like a gel and you can use it on just about any surface.

Maidamess · 20/03/2008 21:08

get yourself a timer. each room should take no more than 10 mins.You don't have to do every room every day. decide what your minimum level is an stick to it.

Kitchen, spray and wipe everything,wipe sink.

Bedrooms, straighten beds, pick up worst of crap on floor, damp dust.

Bathroom, spray loo, wipe, bleach down it. Spray sinks and bath and wipe. I wipe the floor round my loo too (have 2 small boys!)

Living rooms, puff up cushions, damp dust, hoover if necessary.

I hoover as little as possible....downstairs more than up.

try and keep on top of the clutter

onepieceoflollipop · 20/03/2008 21:08

I don't like cleaning but I don't like a dirty house either.

My top tips are as follows:

Start off decluttering ruthlessly. Get rid of as many ornaments and "bits" on display as you can.

Keep on top of things. Do a wash every day or 2. Don't let washing up etc build up. Do a couple of housework type jobs every day. e.g. wash kitchen floor and do ironing on one day. Hoover on another day. Don't have a rigid routine, but if you keep on top of things generally if you miss a few days it won't be chaos.

I was brought up by my dad and we lived in quite a dirty house, even now I like to see clean washing swirling round in the machine. (I know, I need to get out more!)

onepieceoflollipop · 20/03/2008 21:10

Several x-posts while I was typing all that out!

S1ur · 20/03/2008 21:12


S1ur · 20/03/2008 21:13


choose music with a good beat and imagine you in a film montage.

Gemzooks · 20/03/2008 21:18


current routine is trying to do bits here and there, it just seems so bloody relentless. We have a cleaner every 2 weeks, but in between it's hard! Don't want to use the harsh cleaners cos there are really toxic things in them that can affect hormones etc.. although the cleaner does use them.

OP posts:
onepieceoflollipop · 20/03/2008 21:28

I use minimal cleaning products. Dusting - one slightly damp duster and one dry one. (Unless surfaces are filthy no need for "Mr Sheen type products).

Toilet cleaning - occasional swirl of bleach round the bowl. Bathroom and kitchen surfaces (and washable floors); small amount of Ecover multi-purpose cleaner.

Occasionally use white vinegar on taps, sinks etc.

Washing powder - half-3/4 of recommended dose is usually plenty.

If you don't have much storage space this makes it easier as well, i.e. not having to find space for all the products.

Housework = relentless, I agree. If you have a dp delegate the jobs you hate, in exchange for you doing the ones he hates!

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