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I left a wet sheet on my wooden table and it now has a milky appearance :-( - can I get rid of it?

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Miaou · 17/03/2008 16:37

I don't have an ironing board atm and last night I ironed dh's shirt on the table on a folded sheet. However I then forgot about the sheet and went straight to bed. Having used lots of steam the sheet was damp and this morning the table looks like I have spilt milk on it

Apart from stripping and revarnishing it (which isn't going to happen), is there anything else I can do to rescue it?

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Miaou · 17/03/2008 16:44


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Calisteregg · 17/03/2008 16:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog · 17/03/2008 16:47

It should disappear in owm time.My parents had a table that did this everytime you put a drink on it. Give it a weeek.

Miaou · 18/03/2008 09:53

Thanks guys, forgot about this yesterday - cali I am hoping you are wrong and moony is right!! It's not an expensive table but it is is a nice one and I'll be very sad if I've spoiled it. Am watching it closely for signs of change!

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undertheduvet · 18/03/2008 10:12

When I was working in the conference side of hotels the maintenance men used to solve similar problems of white water marks on a table by rubbing a little metholated spirit on the affected area then lighting it! Bit dangerous but it worked, totally removed the water marks. Dont know if your up for trying that though

Olivebranch · 18/03/2008 11:23

This may sound odd but I did try it on a very old water stain and it did work. The method comes from an American website that specialises in wood problems. Cover the area with some mayo(I know yes I did say mayo) for about 15 mins then wipe off with a dry cloth. Once completely dry and clean take your hairdryer and hold it over the area until you can see some results - takes about 5 mins depending on the size of the mark. Let cool then polish. You may need to repeat if it doesn't work to start with. Good Luck

MaureenMLove · 18/03/2008 11:29

I got rid of a ring stain by putting a clean sheet over the mark and ironing it. Hot but no steam. I really didn't think it would work, but it did.

Miaou · 18/03/2008 15:19

oooooh great ideas! Will try a couple out and let you know what works!

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