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I'm after white-on-white flock wallpaper, where the heck can I buy it?

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sorkycake · 17/03/2008 13:50

I've searched the net, honestly I have but it's nowhere to be found.

Can anyone help me?

OP posts:
lucyellensmum · 17/03/2008 14:06

I wonder why??

I mean, thats gotta be a bastard to keep clean, unless of course you banish the children/cat/dog/dh from the room

sorkycake · 17/03/2008 14:12

lol it's for my bedroom.
I'll let Dh in, be rude not too really, but everyone else can bugger off out, yes!

I'm beginning to wonder if it exists or if I dreamt it tbh

OP posts:
JackieNo · 17/03/2008 20:10

THere's one here (though obviously it's a bit difficult to see the pattern), and a striped one.

sorkycake · 18/03/2008 07:45

Oh you star!

will have a look now

OP posts:
JackieNo · 18/03/2008 08:16

Only in US though - couldn't find any in this country. They might ship though, or you might be able to find a supplier of that wallpaper in this country.

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