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awnings recommendations, please

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fedda · 15/03/2008 22:50

Hello, I'm thinking of having a patio awning and I'm wondering if somebody could give me advice, please. Thank you.

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captainmummy · 16/03/2008 10:51

I'm having one of those cool triangular ones, look a bit like a sail, over my new patio, when I get one.
There was someone on here recently asking about those retractable awnings. I don't recall her getting much help tho.

fedda · 16/03/2008 14:06

Thank you for your reply, captainmummy.

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HarrietTheSpy · 16/03/2008 18:41

Need one too. Can you send a link?


captainmummy · 16/03/2008 19:26

we got our sailshade from crocus . co .uk but thre are lots of companies do them. They are called coolaroo and come I think from australia. ours is blue, and although we haven't got ours up yet, it looks quite straightforward.

I supppose the other awning type ones are professionally-fitted.

fedda · 16/03/2008 20:34

Yes, I was thinking about the professionally fittd once and the recommendation for a company. Sorry for not making it clear.

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