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Does anyone else find it impossible to do anything more than the 'normal cleaning'?

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lilacclaire · 03/03/2008 11:43

Both me and DP work full time.
It's hard enough just to keep up to date with the normal washing/ironing, hoovering, dusting and keeping the bathroom and kitchen clean.
Have 2 ds's as well, one is 3 and he likes to make a lot of mess !
I'm just looking at the doors, windows and skirtings and wondering how on earth do people find the time to do it!
This morning (I don't start until 3pm this week), I have done 2 loads of washing, made chicken risotto, cleaned the kitchen, brushed the floor, polished and hoovered in the living room and am now just about to do a pile of ironing, oh and hung out washing (more still going in the machine).
Where am I going wrong, how do the domestic goddesses do it!!

OP posts:
laura032004 · 05/03/2008 06:55

2GIRLS: I don't do any ironing. Seriously, none. DH irons anything he requires for work, and that's it. I batch cook 90% of my DS's food, as they prefer 'real meals' to sandwiches etc. So in my freezer I have - beef stew, chicken casserole, bolognese, savoury mince, chicken dahl & chicken and mushroom sauce - frozen into child size portions. Then I just pop a couple of boxes on the side to defrost in the morning, and cook rice, potato or pasta as required. If for any reason I've forgotten, I defrost in the microwave, or give DS2 (DS1 has a packed lunch at preschool) macaroni, cheese, bit of cream & some chopped ham mixed up together.

The dishwasher goes on last thing at night, and I unload it whilst the kids eat their breakfast in the kitchen. Then I load as we use.

2GIRLS · 05/03/2008 09:57

I keep meaning to cook loads of food and freeze it, especially for the baby as he eats proper food, like shpherds pie, curry (yes at 10 months), pasta stews ect but can't really understand how I never actually do it. Really must be more organised, though I do spedn alot of time looking at recipes and making lists...

My dishwasher routine has changed for some reason, I used to put it on last thing and empty it in the morning (if I had time, but usually while dd's have breakfast I feed the baby), but now it's going on in the middle of the day, so I have to wait for it to finish then unload it usually just before dinner, not sure why this has happened.

But, I'm trying to be more organised, I've done some ironing already, the beds are made and I'm going to put some washing away. I also unloaded the washing machine this morning before the school run, so if I just do little things like that which only take 5 minutes, rather than leave it until I thinkI've got loads of time, I'm sure it will all come together.

hattyyellow · 05/03/2008 10:07

Ooh this makes me feel so much better!

Our windows are dirty, our books are dusty (how do you find the time to take them all off the bookshelves, clean and put them back without small children grabbing them all?)

I have tried whilst supervising kiddy tea to wipe random bits of food off the walls but it still builds up into a damien hirst type dot painting!

I do the bathroom a couple of times a week whilst they have their bath (tip got from mumsnet!)

I try and give the whole house a basic clean once a week on weekends. Don't bother ironing unless I have to!

I do dishwasher and washing maching straight after breakfast. Cook every other day enough for two nights.

I think it's worse this time of year as the low winter sun is like someone shining a torch on all the dust!

DoubleBluff · 05/03/2008 10:22

I am about average then.
Manage to keep on top of the basics, clean kitchen and bathrooms.
My skirting boards and window sills are so dusty run around with a microfibre thing on a stick, or get the kids to do it for me - they think it is ' fun' (?)
Would love to have time to clean the kitchen cupboards and drawers inside and detox my bedroom and wardrobes.
Have a window claenaer for outsied just can't see through from teh inside.
Still when I am off work would rather spend time with DS's that fretting over clean drawers!!

gem1981 · 06/03/2008 10:02

in my experience you can't do both

you can't be a whizz at home and go to work in the day IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Everyone I know who is on top of their home does not work, I personally made that choice too and I stay at home and I am on top of the house.

I am in absolutley no doubt though that if I had to go to work full or part time then things would be A LOT different.

We need to stop beating ourselves up about it - a very wise health visitor once said to me if your children are happy and healthy and you home is hygeinic and clean (messy houses are COMPLETELY different to dirty houses!!!) then you are doing just fine.


but for those who are interested I have posted my basic cleaning schedule on this board somewhere cos i find it really helps me. (just so you know I have one dog and a toddler! and I'm preggers)

flamingtoaster · 06/03/2008 10:16

When my children were young I took great comfort from this poem (there are various versions of it about):

I hope when my children look back on today,
They remember a mother who had time to play.
Children grow up when you're not looking,
There'll be years ahead for cleaning and cooking.
So quiet now, cobwebs, dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

When they were small I did what was necessary for hygiene, a tidy up when people were coming either to visit or stay, but most of the time it was happy chaos. I have to say - it's not much better now. The problem with housework is it's so boring - I tidy/clean/wipe as I go along. My greatest timesaving invention was waiting until the outside windows are really wet from a shower and rushing out with the squeegee and drying the windows off. They look fantastic - and DH thought I was spending ages on them until I let him in on the secret!

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