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toddler poo on cream wool carpet - help!

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UppsyDaisy · 24/02/2008 10:59

Anyone got any good ideas how to get out some poo marks on our cream wook carpet? It's that looped sort of pile. I've tried sponging with water only but there's still a yellowish mark left.
Thank you !!

OP posts:
andlittlelambmakesfour · 24/02/2008 11:08

Either that pink oxi action carpet spray or better, but harder to get hold of, Zebo powder work on my carpet on almost anything!

JingleyJen · 24/02/2008 11:11

vax . bissell.
phone a friend with one if you don't have one..

DS1 pooed on his cream carpet 2 weeks after we had it painted with it all over the walls as well

anyway we called on our neighbour who has a vax it came off like a dream.

UppsyDaisy · 24/02/2008 13:11

thanks all

OP posts:
NicMac · 24/02/2008 18:29

baby wipes, sounds basic but they seem to get off anything anywhere

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