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Annoying dank smell in utility room

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oregonianabroad · 17/02/2008 21:07

18 months ago, we moved to a brand new house that had a utility room. It has now developed a horrible musty smell that won't go away. There is a fan in there that we run whenever the washing machine or tumble drier is going; I have taken everything out of there over the weekend and given the whole place a really good scrub and airing (including under the machines), and I have had the back door open to air it -- a slight reduction smell wise, but it is still there.

What to do?

PS I know this is minor in the whole scope of life, but I am hoping someone will have some wise words as usual that will help me out. Thanks!

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BettySpaghetti · 17/02/2008 21:09

Could it be the washing machine itself? They are notorious for bad smells?

oregonianabroad · 17/02/2008 21:15

I have been sniffing around for the source but can't locate it. if it is the machine, would I need to replace it or is there some nifty trick with bicarbonate of soda or something???

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