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Thursday FLY- Date night moved forward

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TheMadHouse · 14/02/2008 08:38


My mission (should you chose to accept) is that we all (even those without partners) cook something yummy and delicious for our dinner tonight.

This thread will self destruct in 30 seconds

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 14/02/2008 08:42

Good morning all

Today is my busy day. loads to do:

DS1 to nursery
Weekley Shop
Home Blessing
Mop ground floor
Hoover Upstairs and stairs
Change DS2's bed

Also I still do not have a TD so I have beenputting off the washing as I only have somany places to hang it and there seems to be no dry outside. I am hoping the repair man calls so that I can get that sone too.

I was inbed by 9.30 again last nighnt, but DH was up at midnight and again 2 so I need to find out what is worring him

OP posts:
EHM · 14/02/2008 10:17


TMH what a lovely mission you are so thoughtful. I am not cooking dh is bring me sushi yummy. Sorry to hear that dh is worried. You have had a lot on your plate recently. HOpe get to the bottom of things with him

Sorry I wasnt around yesterday. Out from 930 until 1450. Trying to keep house pristine & washing/ironing up to date so its not hanging around everywhere. My friends dad in Scotland passed away on Tuesday night Spoke to her yesterday, she is very sad but very together. I don't think it has really hit her yet.

Estate agent came out on Tuesday, house went on website yesterday. For sale sign not yet up. They called last night after 7 to ask if somebody could view tomorrow at 330

Have a great day all.x.x.x Love to all the lo's & flyladies who are sick. *luda8 hope your cold has cleared.
bianca hope dd is ok at school
bewilder hope ds is better.

Hello to everybody gibberish, simply, tort, ruby, janni, yadd, dream, FGS, go,shann, ibble,nutsaboutchoc
I think thats everyone

sagacious · 14/02/2008 10:21

Morning madhouse
@ link

I've got a headache, and believe it or not its not alcohol induced.. I reckon my body thinks its detoxing

Have got friends over today.
House is fairly straight, just need to clean the loo's and straighten a few things.

Not sure whats for dinner, as I'll be out all day and DH will be working late (again)

I found a bar of chocolate in the car yesterday.. reckon thats my valentines day present...

How romantic

sagacious · 14/02/2008 10:23

x post Hi ehm
Sad news about your friends dad.
Hope the viewing goes well tommorrow.. guess you'll be busy sorting out the house !

Grouchyoscar · 14/02/2008 13:56

Hello ALL Ed is pestering for laptop time so I can't say an ih and everndividual hello to eacy one but

BWB Hope your lo is better
EHM for your friend's loss

I've had a reasonable morning. Took Ed to the book depot for scrap books. They didn't have any so we went to Weatherspoons for brunch.

TheMadHouse · 14/02/2008 14:23

Afternoon Ladies

I am back from shoppjng, all put away and DS2 napping.

I have polished, hoovered, and mopped and am having a well earned cup of tea.

I am then going to make DH a valentines card as I am tight and they cost so much. I have got him 5 curly wurly's as they are his favoriate and a pair of grey casual trousers, as he has lost so much weight non of his fit. He is losing it I am putting it on.

got yo go the tumble dryer man has turned up.

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 14/02/2008 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DontDreamItBeIt · 14/02/2008 17:46

A very short thread today

I hope every one is ok.
Thanks for the links and mission TMH _ No nice dinner here, the dc are eating spa bol, and I have no plans at all for me, so I'll probably be eating toast, cereal or frozen pizza.

We've just got back, after a nice, but very cold day out. The children were lovely all day, but started bickering as soon as we got in.

Sorry for your friends loss EHM

TheMadHouse · 14/02/2008 18:22

evening all

Bedtime routine completed, biys are bathed and in Pj's and watching Ratatolli with DH.

I have done the ironing, although DS2 pulled over most of it as I was doing it. I have put theirs away, but will do ours when we take them up to bed.

RR I am sorry you are having a bad day - want to talk, you might find it helps

Dream Glad you had a good day and sod the food you should have something nice - it was an order

EHM I am sorry for your friends loss - my dad died 7 years ago and I still miss him dearly - I was a daddys girl TBH

Sag are you still experiancing the DT's?

GO yum I love brunch adn witherspoons is quite reasonable.

Well I got a very unexpected bunch of lovley flowers, all whites and greens. Told DH not to bother this year, but he didnt listen.

Plans for this evening is for me to cook nice meal and then just relax and watch CSI that we Sky+'d

I may catch you all later

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 14/02/2008 18:26

DP has just rung and said we can get takeaway I hope that count TMH It is a fairly rare treat for us.

No FLYing done a all. I hung out the washing before I went out this morning, so I'll go and get it in now and get bedtime sorted.

DS fell asleep in the car on the way home, and even though he only slept for 15 mins, I guarantee he will be up il 10 tonight now

tortoise · 14/02/2008 20:13

Evening all.
All quiet here! DD's in bed and DS's are at the school valentine disco. Luckily a kind mum offered to bring them home or DD's would of been up until about 9pm!

TMH I chucked a pizza in the oven and made some chips for our tea! Was feeling lazy.
EHM for your friends loss.
RR Sorry your having a bad day.

TheMadHouse · 14/02/2008 20:17

Takeaways do count as long as they are nice.

We had a lovley meal and I am on my second glass of wine (which is unusual for me) and typing this as I load the dishwasher

OP posts:
tortoise · 14/02/2008 20:38

TMH Wow good multi-tasking! Glad you had a nice meal.

Nutsaboutchocolate · 14/02/2008 21:55

Evening everyone

Happy Valentine's Day to Mumsnet HQ.

The only Valentine`s message I got or
anything to do with valentines day LOL

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone here in FLYlady

TMH Glad you now are the owners of a new door. Something needs doing to our back door as the rain comes in Then back hallway slopes from the door into the hall so the water runs to the other end of the hall unless I put towels down to stop it.

Love the link btw

Sorry about your friends loss of her dad. When my granddad passed away it took over week before it hit me. I would not believe I would not see him again. I still remember days with him as if they were yesterday.

Good luck with the house sale.

sagacious I wokeup with a headache, its been around most of the day. It has only really gone since the heating has warmed up the house. I have been freezing all day until this evening. Its been cold and very misty all day here though, no sun

GO Hope the brunch was Yummy.

DontDream I hope your takeaway was Yummy aswell. We had Chicken stew. Yes TMH with Cambells cream of chicken condensed soup and dumplings. A stew is not a stew without dumplings DC also wanted pancakes, so we had pancakes with icecream for pud(an hour after the stew.)

RR I hope you have a batter day tomorrow. My day has been a downer as well.

Tort The DSs have their disco tomorrow night, though DS1 wont be going as he was sent home from school again. I hope your DSs enjoyed their night out.

DS1 is not out of school until the end of half-term. He seems to think it is great that he does not have to go to school. A meeting is being set up for after half-term to see what can be done to help him.

Mum has gone out to dinner tonight with a friend from Bristol who has come up to see. They have been friends from school. The friend lost her DH to cancer just over a year ago and did not want to be alone today. She found it very hard last year as they always went for a meal and stayed at the place they meet on Valentine's Day 32 years ago. The 30th year was the last time they went. They knew it would be aswell so that makes it hard to deal with. It would be their 30th year of marriage this year as well.

I hope everyone have had good evenings. Its been very quiet in here today. I wonder why

Bewilderbeast · 14/02/2008 21:59

evening all
done nowt but DS is a little better today doc has confirmed that it isn't chicken pox (though it sure as hell looks like it).

THM my response to your mission was spaghetti carbonara, easy but yummy, we don't do valentines in the bewilder house but I hope everyone has had a good day

tortoise · 14/02/2008 22:00

Hi HN. DS's had a great time!

Nutsaboutchocolate · 14/02/2008 22:17

Glad they had a great time Tort. DS2 has told me he wants his nice, bestest clothes for tomorrow night as his "girl friend" is going.

He will be wanting a 'limo' to go and pick her up and take them to the disco next. lol

Nutsaboutchocolate · 14/02/2008 22:19

Bewilderbeast Glad your DS is getting better.

tortoise · 14/02/2008 22:26

DS2 wore his smart shirt! And put a card in a girls draw this morn in secret! lol!

sagacious · 15/02/2008 08:37


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