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Washing machine leaking

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NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/02/2008 10:50

I have a Hotpoint Aquarius and occasionally it seems to be leaking from underneath. There is no pattern to when it does it, goes ages without and then does it. It has done it twice this week. Does anyone know what it means? Is it a big problem?

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poshwellies · 07/02/2008 10:53

could it be your hoses that are connected to the hot or cold taps? Ours does this a bit.dh generally wriggles them about and its fixed.

MrsBadger · 07/02/2008 10:55

when in cycle does it leak?
if during emptying tis likely your outlet is partially blocked with fluff / hair etc so the water backs up

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/02/2008 11:03

It has started to leak already and it has wash and rinse & spin lights lit up.

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NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/02/2008 12:13


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MrsBadger · 07/02/2008 13:45

yes but which is it actually doing?

mustsleep · 07/02/2008 14:00

we have a hotpoint and it will prob be because your filter is blocked, now you won;t find your filter in the instuctions as they want you to cll someone out each time it breaks

you have to actually pull the machine out and at the back there should be a black or grey pipe that will have a ball thing in it and loads of disgusting crap

etchasketch · 07/02/2008 14:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/02/2008 14:06

OH, I guess it is on rinse and spin. It has leaked out some more water.

I am planning on running a hot load with some soda crystals once hubby has had a look at it tonight. I was going to do it when I was back from school but hubby just said to wait. He doesn't want the floor flooded again.

Thanks all!

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NAB3wishesfor2008 · 08/02/2008 12:16

Hubby has fixed it. The pipes were full of gunk. Yuk. Will be washing on a very high temp with soda crystals once a week to try and stop it happening again. Unless anyone has a better idea??

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MrsBadger · 08/02/2008 12:49

I wouldn't do it once a week - once a month maybe?

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 08/02/2008 13:01

Great. I thought I might need to do it more as I have 3 nappy loads a week and about another 15 loads.

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MrsBadger · 08/02/2008 14:34

well, how old is it?
ours took three years to bung up, so having cleared it I guess it'll take another three before it's bunged again.

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 08/02/2008 16:34

The drum was replaced in July 2007 but the machine itself must only be 2 years old. we have been in this house for 6.5 years and have had about 5 machines.

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