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Fox Urine Granules Fore Mice... Anyone tried it?

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JeremyVile · 04/02/2008 23:19

Currently using peppermint oil which I have faith in, though I'm not sure why as I actually heard scuttlinG in my bedroom last night.... never actually heard them before. Still not seen one thankfully.

Someone mentioned fox urine granules, never heard of it, but I'm willing to try - anyone used it?

(put traps down baited with peanut butter too, they ate it and scarpered.

The Dirty Bastards.

OP posts:
onebatmother · 04/02/2008 23:25

blue poison from tescos in boxes at edges of room. Make sure children don't eat it.

Why are you trying to aromatherapise the mice from your house? Take action, woman!

JeremyVile · 04/02/2008 23:30

Have had the blue poison down for 2 months.
They've not touched it.

....and even parasitic rodents deserve a bit of pampering.

OP posts:
JeremyVile · 04/02/2008 23:52

Foxes urine.

In the home.

Is that so odd??

OP posts:
onebatmother · 04/02/2008 23:53
IorekByrnison · 04/02/2008 23:57

It is a little strange. Couldn't you get a cat?

JeremyVile · 05/02/2008 00:00

OK, yes, a teeeeeny bit strange.
I'm allergic to cats, otherwise I would.

OP posts:
Jenkeywoo · 05/02/2008 00:02

I'd go for the urine - worth a try. Where do you buy it? I presume you don't have to actually catch an unsuspecting fox in the action of cocking its leg or something?

JeremyVile · 05/02/2008 00:04

I hadn't actually thought that far ahead.

But, you know, I'd do it!

OP posts:
Jenkeywoo · 05/02/2008 00:05

cats are the root of our problem - our lovely little puss keeps bringing in huge 'mice' (we're debating if they're mice or baby rats) - and dumps them in our bedroom. No intention of killing them at all, they are just for play and when she gets bored she walks away.

JeremyVile · 05/02/2008 00:08

Are you particularly, you know, attached to the cat?

OP posts:
madamez · 05/02/2008 00:16
Jenkeywoo · 05/02/2008 00:17

she is a lovely cat but going through puberty in cat terms at the moment so a bit odd. She's on strict cat-flap curfew these days, it's set so she can go out but only come in if we let her in and have checked there's no furry creature hanging out of her mouth.

madamez · 05/02/2008 00:41

JV if there is scuttling in your bedroom you have a mouse problem that needs addressing: buy some traps or call the council before the little f**ers start chewing through the wires or popping up out of the toaster.

PenelopePitstops · 05/02/2008 01:13

We were prompted into action when we saw one!

wehave caught 6 in the past 3 days just through using traps, we've got the council coming on thursday but costs 72 quid!

also blue poison isnt wokring

jaynehaterisnolongerworkshy · 05/02/2008 04:49

Bait your traps with dark chocolate and put it at the very back of the trap?

And try Rentokil's 'humane' poison traps - you get trays with blue poison, but the poison is very fast acting, sends them to sleep while they're eating, and they certainly seem to like it - we live in a farmhouse that appears to be advertised somewere as a rodent spa retreat, but the trays and the dark chocolate (going with the spa theme) seem to be killing the little bleeders as fast as they get here.

Good luck to you.

2sugars · 05/02/2008 05:19

I got a tremendous amout of satisfaction in watching our garden rats gleefully eating the chunks of blue poison our council man had left them.

Until my mum said "I hope they didn't suffer".

2sugars · 05/02/2008 06:26

Am still about fox wee killing a mouse, BTW!

Jenkeywoo · 05/02/2008 09:43

Just to add that we were told by the council rat man than the blue stuff you get in B & Q etc just isn't strong enough and they just develop resistance. You do need to get rentokil or the council out for some of the hard stuff. Another thing that worked quite well for us was an electronic trap - as soon as they went in it zapped the feckers and by the morning you just have a little dead body to deal with.

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