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What do with ... ?

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ChaCha · 02/02/2008 12:26

(am sure i posted this earlier, something wrong with PC perhaps)

out of date Next directories, old catalogues, 1-2 years worth of Good Housekeeping magazines and National Geographic.

Sorting my shelves out finally. Thanks

OP posts:
BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 02/02/2008 12:27

Recycle them.

JackieNo · 02/02/2008 12:29

I guess you could stick them on Freecycle, see if anybody wants them, but if they don't, recycle them.

thebluefoxategreensocks · 02/02/2008 12:49

Old catalogues could be put in the waste paper recycle bin at your local supermarket (assuming you have them, like we have here at our local Tesco) and the magazines would probably go on Freecycle. I seem to think someone on our local Freecycle was just asking for National Geographic mags the other day, so I'm sure someone would take them off your hands.

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