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Trainers and slippers

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NAB3wishesfor2008 · 31/01/2008 13:01

I want to wash my husband's slippers and my son's trainers - with lights - in the washer. Will they be okay? Doesn't matter if the slippers go weird but I need the trainers to be okay. TIA.

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NAB3wishesfor2008 · 31/01/2008 13:44


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Yaddayah · 31/01/2008 13:54

I washed my dd's trainers (had the lights that go on when you jump up and down IYKWIM) Did them on the delicates wash and put them inside an old pillow case and they were fine.

HTH (and it works ok for you!)

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 31/01/2008 13:55

Thanks. Will put them in a pillow case each.

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PippiCalzelunghe · 31/01/2008 14:00

I do that all the time. they're fine. I seem to remember mum telling me to let them dry naturally not on a radiator though... might be wrong

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 31/01/2008 14:11

Oh yes, I have heard about not drying on radiators. I will put them in the airing cupboard. Thanks again. They are in now.

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