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For the love of God will SOMEBODY tell me what to buy to stop my farking rugs moving AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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MamaG · 31/01/2008 10:38


OP posts:
MamaG · 31/01/2008 10:38

(rugs on top of carpets IYKWIM, not wood floors)

OP posts:
georgedontdothat · 31/01/2008 10:38

My sil has some liile velcro pads ,think you can buy them in places like wilkinsons

georgedontdothat · 31/01/2008 10:39


jumpingbeans · 31/01/2008 10:39

double sided tape should do it

MamaG · 31/01/2008 10:39

oh I can't BEAR velcro

It makes my cringe, it makes my fingernails itch! Like felt

OP posts:
Ledodgy · 31/01/2008 10:39

We've got one of those grey fluffy under rug things from Ikea that goes under the rug to stop it sticking though we have wooden floors. It would probably work on carpet too.

MamaG · 31/01/2008 10:40

I don't want to use double sided tape (sob) it will make a gooey mess on my carpets (ocd emoticon)

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 31/01/2008 10:41

anti slip rug stuff - they sell it in ikea

Ledodgy · 31/01/2008 10:44

Yeah that's what we've got too TheBlonde.

MamaG · 31/01/2008 10:45

Thanks both - do you know which one is for carpets? [hopeful]

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 31/01/2008 11:00

hmmm no idea - we hvae wood floors
we have the blue stuff but i've not seen the other stuff before

jackamolsmum · 31/01/2008 19:19

lol you have my utmost sympathy. I was terrorised for 3 years by evil ruffling rugs until one day I finally flipped and chucked all 4 rugs into back garden (dh was taken aback at my vengeance towards the hateful things-has irritatingly rolled them up and stored them in shed 'in case i change my mind'-hmmm NEVER).

Had tried velcro, staples, sticky mat things and anchoring them down with other furniture to no avail.

I have a slightly grubbier carpet now but am no longer homicidal!!!

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