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Having trouble finding superking size quilt covers

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minx67 · 28/01/2008 11:48

We have a lovely new superking bed, have managed to get 2 covers from Matalan, but am really struggling to find more...Next do them, but are v expensive....anyone have the same trouble?

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jura · 28/01/2008 11:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stopfighting · 28/01/2008 22:19


fishie · 28/01/2008 22:19

get a single duvet each.

Lauriefairycake · 28/01/2008 22:21

qvc's northern nights collection is excellent quality - very high thread count. They do lots of sizes.

somersetmum · 28/01/2008 22:22

Dunelm Mill

bran · 28/01/2008 22:22

We have two single duvets on our bed. We always have done, it stops that drafty bit down the middle and if we want to we can have different tog duvets (I'm a much hotter person than dh).

I'm pretty sure that Next do most of their styles in superking .

amazonianwoman · 28/01/2008 22:42

John Lewis still have some clearance ones left instore

gigglewitch · 28/01/2008 22:49

TJ Hughes - most of time
Dunelm Mill - always (well when I have wanted any)

both good prices

cleaninglady · 29/01/2008 18:07

Next do superking in lots of their ranges.

Also, TK Maxx - I have had about 5 from there ranging from £30 to £50 - really good quality ones as well - HTH

minx67 · 01/02/2008 23:23

thanks everyone !!

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