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Who would you recommend to design/fit your kitchen?

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McDreamy · 26/01/2008 17:41

Have lived in married quarters until now. The only homes I have ever owned have been brand new. Now we are about to buy an older property and the first thing we are going to do in put a new kitchen in but don't know where to start.

The kitchen is really big, has an aga (no idea how to use it), is a kitchen diner currently divided with a breakfast bar thing. I want to rip it all out (except the aga) and have a big open kitchen with maybe an island?

But who can we go to for some help (when the time comes, we're a bit of a way off yet but I am excited....can you tell? )

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McDreamy · 26/01/2008 18:12


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gibberish · 26/01/2008 18:28

Don't laugh... but Homebase were absolutely fantastic with us. From the planning, to the ordering, to the delivery, to the after sales service. They couldn't have been more helpful.

We didnt actually use them to fit it, but in hindsight I wish I had.

gibberish · 26/01/2008 18:29

Although, you're not still in Cyprus are you?

McDreamy · 26/01/2008 18:30

I am at the moment but there is a large Homebase near where we are buying!! Thanks for that.

Anyone else?

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McDreamy · 27/01/2008 06:49


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GColdtimer · 30/01/2008 09:39

Bumping as I have this question too. We have someone from kitchen's direct coming round tomorrow and are going to have a look at Magnet tomorrow. Who have you all used and what did you think?

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