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Thursday Fly.... Lets all go cleaning crazy (yeah like thats going to happen)

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Yaddayah · 24/01/2008 07:41


Ok I have to go cleaning crazy today.
Anyone care to join me ?

OP posts:
Janni · 24/01/2008 14:57

School pick-up in a minute..Batten down the hatches till bedtime..

FGS - hope they work out what's going on with your knee.
Luda - can you lend FGS one of yours in the meantime?!
Yadda - enjoy your £40 saving.

Gibberish - I'm going list crazy! I've now written out a rough weekly schedule and I intend to write an evening one too.

Then I'll write a book on housekeeping and make a fortune!! Anyone care to join me?

Yaddayah · 24/01/2008 15:46

Hmmm cleaning frenzy might have to be put on hold, have friend coming over

Whisper :: Shes bringing wine....

If I'm on here later gurgling please ignore me

Ta muchly

OP posts:
ludaloo · 24/01/2008 16:24

LOL...Had completely no idea what you meant then Janni ! LOL... I can't lend her a knee...I need them both for my keep fit. I could try and hop but I think I'd struggle with the lunges

Yadd well done you on the energetic spree today! I think wine is justified

Janni I'll join you we could be the new Kim and Aggie....Luda and Janni! Sounds cool! We would get to wear purple fluffy washing up gloves too!

gibberish · 24/01/2008 17:33

yadda Have a good time

fgs Thankfully it's not too long then. Waiting lists on your side of the country must be pretty good!

janni We should write an MN guide to houswork - how to hoover and type at the same time!

Been back to the vet's with the gps. Both doing really well now thank goodness. Were BOTH popcorning this afternoon Aaaw I love them.

Started painting no. 1 (tort's dd). Going ok so far. Had to stop due to lack of light but will get cracking on it early tomorrow. Using a painting knife instead of brushes for a bit of texture.

Had dinner - gorgeous! New recipe I got from the free Asda booklet. Broccoli and beef stirfry. Dead easy and deeeeeelish! Trying another four of their recipes this week.

gibberish · 24/01/2008 17:34

luda I've signed up to the Boots diet thing for 3 months. Like the menu planner on there and the calorie counter. So better stick to it to get my money's worth! Also, think I have got it set to the right weight now...

Grouchyoscar · 24/01/2008 18:21

Hello again all

I've read through the thread and...I'm too exhausted to remember any of it

DH is 'feeling better' and will go back to work tomorrow. Glad that's over! He's going for his ears syringing on Monday, then he won't be able to say he didn't hear me

I've overdone it in the last 24 hrs and Boris is telling me off. What with going to work, ministering to DH and Ed's needs, making tea last night, doing bedtime and morning routines, trips to the market and reading friends then doing evening and pre bedtime routines I think Boris has every right to. Will I ever ever learn?

So Done list (since last post)

Go to market, buy ethical chicken, braising steak and sausages
Home on bus then walk home
Unpack bag and put away
Deal with paperwork
Re-pack bag for afternoon stuff
Have lunch
Tidy away
Go to school, do reading friends session
Go to school assembly
Collect Ed
Home again, empty his bag
Wash his lunch box
Change him
Put dirty stuff in washer and run
Put drying stuff in TD and run
Clean Ed's muddy shoes
Wipe the facias of the white goods in the kitchen
Make lunches for tomorrow
Get Ed's bags ready for morning (P.E and book changing day)
S&S worktops
Shine sink
Get clothes ready for morning
STOP under duress (Boris 1 - Grouchy 0)

so I'm in bed!

Oh I attended Ed's assembly, the kids did something about Burns night (it's tomorrow BTW)I snuck in at the back and just watched. I was so proud of Ed, he sat nicely, paid full attention, dudn't fidget or have the teacher come over to tell him off. He was just so perfectly behaved. I could barely believe it.

OOh heck, I do prattle. Thanks for the space to do this xx

TheMadHouse · 24/01/2008 18:57

Groucy it is fine to prattle I for one enjoy it - but who is Boris
FGS Sorry about the knew, hope the MRI is soon
Luda well done on the bargains
Yadda do you have a stationery fettish - I used to when I worked, but can not afford it now
Gibberish Can not wait to see the paintings, take a pic of the new york one and pop on your profile - pretty please
9NUT How is the finger?
h How is ellie - not seen you around todat
en Did you make a decision on the cleaner
*Waves to Janni, Ruby, Bianca and everyone else

Oh I got everything some that I had planned, but did spend too much at the supermarket, although did get DH two new shirts and two ties.

Grans Funeral is next Wed - cathlic service and then Burial (really windswept cemetaty, so good weather please). We give it till the weekend till daggars start flying (as there is a farm involved)

NineUnlikelyTales · 24/01/2008 19:24

Thanks for asking MadHouse, my thumb is now stitched and bandanged and looks very impressive. Actually I feel a bit of a fraud as it doesn't hurt a bit! But I have to wear a surgical glove to do housework this week, which will be a challenge.

House is a complete tip - how did that happen in just 24 hours? But I should be able to do something about it tomorrow after. You all seem like you have had very productive days at least. Enjoy the evening

Bewilderbeast · 24/01/2008 20:33

evening all THM sorry for your loss
EHM hope Ellie has given you your leg back today
groucy can you nip up the road and do my jobs for me, I am regularly amazed by the amount you get done

picked ds up
ds and I bathed and dressed for bed
5 minute kitchen tidy

really do not have the energy to be bothered today, my brain is fried

gibberish · 24/01/2008 20:56

TMH I will take a photo in the morning and load it on - too dark to do it now.

I've put some of my paintings on my profile if you want to peek - most of it is older stuff as I havent got around to getting my new stuff photographed and loaded on the computer...

gibberish · 24/01/2008 20:58

Some of them have been resized so aren't terribly clear though...

NUT Glad you are back in one piece

tortoise · 24/01/2008 21:07

Well Yadda I joined the go cleaning crazy today without knowing it! lol!

Downstairs is 90% done. Just the mess DC have made since being home!!!!!
Upstairs is pretty bad though. Well mainly DD's room! So all day tomorrow i expect to be up there sorting it out.

I did masses today and didn't sit down once between 10 and 2! So am pretty tired now but glad its done.

Also still need to have a tidy round the garden. Some rubbish around because of all the windy days we have had lately.

Will let you all know tomorrow night how it went with the Greyhound lady! She is bringing her own Grey hound with her to see how the kids are with him And bringing her DH!

Haven't read the thread yet so hope all is ok.

tortoise · 24/01/2008 21:17

TMH Sorry for your loss.
Gibberish Can't wait to see completed painting of DD2. The ones on your profile are amazing.
FGS Hope you get the scan done soon.

Bugger! Forgotten the rest! i am too tired!

gibberish · 24/01/2008 21:21

Thanks tort Started it today. Really enjoying it which is always a good sign!

EHM · 24/01/2008 21:44

Evening All
Sorry for the late post first chance I've had.Did upstairs this morning before we left for Mini Moovers. Came back cooked lunch, dh came home just before 12 to look after Ellie whilstI had my appointment with osteopath for my back. Came back played with a much improved ellie, she appears much brighter the medicine is finally working.She napped I hoover, mopped etc downstairs..phew!

yadd Step away for the coffee Thanks for the thread & various links & laughsI did do a bit of crazy cleaning today.nothing really done since my big clean last friday, except clean up sick,wash & iron
rubyI am always picking up cheerios they get everywhere!
TMH sorry for your loss. Sounds like you will have lots of wonderful memories of dh's gran.Sorry you are having such a tough time of late.(ps Ellie is on the mind thanks for asking we even managed Mini Moovers today although she was slightly subdued which didnt go unnoticed.)
dream so pleased that you got your purse back...soo lucky.
biancahope dd is ok
9Nut Ouch! hope you thumb is ok
gibberish hope painting goes well
go glad Ed is better, hope dh is well soon
FGS hope they can sort knee quickly for you.
luda sounds like you bagged a bargin
janni you sound like you are doing great!
bewilder sounds like you need to take it easy.look after yourself Ellie is no longer glued to me today
tortsounds like you have been bust you must be knackered

Right if I've missed anybody I am sorry but the thread today is pretty long.

EHM · 24/01/2008 21:47

gibberish I had a sneeky peak at your paintings too.fab!

tortoise · 24/01/2008 21:48

Hi EHM Glad DD is on the mend.
I am knackered lol! And more to do tomorrow! Thought i would get more done today than i did. Nevermind! I did work hard though so i can't be cross not to get more done!

Nutsaboutchocolate · 24/01/2008 21:49


I know some of you all and some of you know me. I have not been around for a long time. A few problems in life and yet another house move.

I still can not do much of the hard house work but I do all that I can from my chair. So I do a lot of the cooking (I had a kitchen made for just for me and my chair hehe)

I hope to be around loads more now if I dont feel to tired to type.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and having a good start to 2008. I am hoping it will be a better year for us here. It has to be better than the last 2 years have been as both were crap.

Take care all

HN xxxx

EHM · 24/01/2008 21:53

HN HELLO lovely to hear from you Take Care.x.x

tortoise · 24/01/2008 21:54

Hi HN. Good to see you. Had a good xmas thanks. How was yours?

gibberish · 24/01/2008 22:04

Thanks ehm

Oooh just been chatting to betterhalf on msn... she's been having period like pains all day and now having loads of braxton's... exciting

Nutsaboutchocolate · 24/01/2008 22:25

Hi EHM Tort

Its good to see some names I know.

I`am glad you had a good Christmas Tort. Our was so so. We moved a week before Christmas so you can guess the mess we were in and the DC were worried that Santa was not going to know where they were so he would not leave anything for them. They were so pleased to see lots and lots of pressies in the sacks and under the tree

I better get some sleep while I feel sleepy.

Talk soon

HN xxx


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