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Has anyone got/tried/seen these 'Tefal Actifry' things from Lakeland?

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CantSleepWontSleep · 22/01/2008 21:36


Seems like a great idea, but fuck me it's expensive! Am sure they used to have something similar at half the price, and I thought it was expensive then.

I would, however, quite like one, if anyone has good things to say about them.

OP posts:
bodiddly · 22/01/2008 21:48

My mate bought one and loves it ..... but they are incredibly expensive. I think I will wait until the price comes down or someone brings something similar out!

CantSleepWontSleep · 22/01/2008 21:55

Thanks bodiddly. Just found this discussion on them too, which is promising except for the length of time they take to cook.

OP posts:
MyManorIsWankered · 22/01/2008 21:57

I saw it just tonight and wondered how good it was.

I always wonder about a Remoska. Seems like it might even do the washing up as can do everything else from toasted sarnies to victoria sponge cake to stew.

binkleandflip · 22/01/2008 21:59

i have one - it is FABULOUS!! Yes, horrendously expensive but you get loads of use for it and it is so easy to clean and use. You can put loads of different stuff in it - it does a mean paella and you dont have to lift a finger. Definately get one!!!!

CantSleepWontSleep · 22/01/2008 22:11

Does it really take 30-40 mins to cook chips though B&F? How long do frozen oven chips take?

Sounds like you got the same email as me MMIW. Please don't mention other products that I should consider - my kitchen can't take any more!

OP posts:
binkleandflip · 22/01/2008 22:17

depends on the thickness of the chips. Havent done frozen ones but fresh cut ones take around 20 mins and give you lovely crispy chunky chips , am drooling just thinking about them!! And you only use one tablespoon of oil so you can have them and not feel bad.

Also great for bunging your meat in and forgetting about it because of course it turns the meat as it goes plus you can put all the parts in the dishwasher so much cleaner and less faff than grilling.

Believe me, like most people, I've had my fair share of kitchen gadetry (George Foreman grill anyone ) but this really is indispensable and no I dont work for Tefal

CantSleepWontSleep · 23/01/2008 13:01

Could I cook sausages and chips in it all at once do you think b&f? Would the fat from the sausages be a prob, or would this actually form the fat for the chips?

OP posts:
bossykate · 23/01/2008 13:08

i've just done a quick search on a price comparison site and you can get them cheaper than this - still around the £120 mark though.

Slacker · 23/01/2008 13:24

They are £99 including VAT in Costco, if you know anyone with a membership there. Nearly bought one but don't eat chips often enough to justify it.

binkleandflip · 23/01/2008 15:42

well you dont put any oil in at all for sausages so I suppose the fat that comes out could cook the sausages in theory yes. It is great for sausage as you dont have to bother about turning them- it is all done for you - so they are always thoroughly cooked.

Slacker, they are not really just for chips - you can do all sorts of healthy meals in them - all it takes is imagination

Twiglett · 23/01/2008 15:42


binkleandflip · 23/01/2008 15:49

Get one Twiglett - you'll will wonder how you ever lived without it

bossykate · 23/01/2008 15:56

i am actually very resistant to kitchen gadgetry but i fancy this one...

Radley · 23/01/2008 15:59

I've had one a few months and love it. Not keen on chips cooked in them, BUT, I've never been a chip lover full stop.

Sausages however are a different matter, they are divine.

B&F I wouldn't mind the paella recipe if you have it to hand.

Twiglett · 23/01/2008 16:06

I can't afford it .. we don't really eat chips that often .. mccain will have to suffice

binkleandflip · 23/01/2008 16:07

For the Paella - fry chicken pieces, chorizo, mushroom and peppers in the actifry with a tablespoon oil for around 6 - 8 minutes, then add rice and a little butter and cook through for around twenty minutes until the rice is soft (but has some bite like risotto) - then add about half a cup of chicken stock - and cook again for around 3 -5 minutes. Bliss!

bodiddly · 23/01/2008 19:26

I soooooo want one, especially at that Costco price, just don't have any money at the moment. Grrrr

CantSleepWontSleep · 23/01/2008 22:28

Am trying to find someone with a costco card who I stand some chance of seeing in the next month or so. Not doing well so far. Have seen some a bit cheaper (but not as cheap as costco) on ebay, so may have to resort to that if I do get one.

OP posts:
binkleandflip · 23/01/2008 22:37

ooh sorry, forgot to say = add paprika and seasoning in with the rice - and any other odds and ends you fancy!!

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