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Wireless worries

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CotswoldTigger · 21/01/2008 18:02

I was a bit worried about the impact of wireless and radio waves on my kids, but didn't want to forfeit being able to surf the internet in the kitchen and in bed. Anyway, I found these SocketSurfers that are plugs that you can plug in anywhere in the house and they give you access to the internet - AMAZING! They use electrical wiring rather than radio waves, so they've completely solved my worries. Just thought I would post about it here in case anyone else is worried too. (I've already put this message under Geeky Stuff, but thought non-geeks may be interested to read about them as well!)

OP posts:
peanutbear · 21/01/2008 18:06

where do you get them from

CotswoldTigger · 21/01/2008 18:12

I just saw it advertised in a local ad newsletter that came through the door - I went to their website to buy them.

OP posts:
peanutbear · 24/01/2008 17:28

thanks very much this would be great in our house I have saved the link

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