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Does anyone use Bold 2 in One and was this supposed to happen?

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colditz · 20/01/2008 11:52

I am, for reasons to complex, irritating and 'my family' to go into right now, doing a load of washing for my mother.

Only, she uses Bold, and I don't, so I have been surprised to see and IMMENSE amount of foam in the machine. I usually use Surf!

I have used the recommended dosage, but it's worryingly bubbly. really it's full of foam. Is this normal for Bold?

OP posts:
wantslotsofbabies · 20/01/2008 14:30

Have you softer water than your mum? That said, we have very soft water here and Bold 2in1 does not foam much at all? Cup of vinegar in the rinse?
Also, it sounds daft but did you check the pockets? Soap samples? My dad used to keep weird things in his pockets.

colditz · 20/01/2008 14:54

No it was just towels - and we live in the same area so the water is the same.

I had to rinse them again to get the soap out!

OP posts:
saltire · 20/01/2008 14:57

Maybe you ahve a faster wash/spin thing on your machine. When I have used Bold it lathers up really quickly as the machine does a really quick wash/spin thing at the beginning to really agitate the washing. MIL on the other hand hardly gets any foam from using it

traceukw1 · 20/01/2008 17:30

It just may have been because it was towels you were washing, this should explain it

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