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Help, how to clean carpet during potty training

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cybermonkey · 18/01/2008 15:48

help, i know this will have been done before, but what is the best way to clean carpet after an accident, i am worried that i will not notice if my house smells of wee. If that happens no one will visit. Seriously i am at the moment using a small amount of mulitpurpose cleaner in water and wipes carpet, have a young baby so needs to child friendly.

OP posts:
nailpolish · 18/01/2008 15:49


and throw the potty away. children are just as happy to go straight to toilet, bypassing pottys.

DixiePixie · 18/01/2008 16:27

For wee on carpet:

Blot with towel to get rid of the worst of the wetness.

Cover the area liberally with bicarb of soda mixed with a couple of drops of tea tree oil. It will soak up the rest of the moisture and deodorise.

Leave it to do its magic

Hoover it up

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