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burnt on stuff in bottem of oven aaaargghhh!!!!!

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justwaterformethanks · 16/01/2008 13:48

did the putting the oven on hot for an hour without success ,it has become as one with the enamel ,how the hell can i shift it ? Might borrow pre war flame thrower from friend if nobody has any bright ideas

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MamaVonG · 16/01/2008 13:49


Lubyloo · 16/01/2008 13:51

Sorry - I haven't got any suggestions to clean it but once you have done it get an oven liner from Lakeland. It sits on the bottom of the oven and catches everything and is really easy to clean.

xtc · 16/01/2008 13:52


justwaterformethanks · 16/01/2008 17:37

ovenpride ? is that like a spray ? ,would sandpaper not knacker the enamel?

OP posts:
Cappuccino · 16/01/2008 17:39

that oven stuff from lakeland

xtc · 16/01/2008 17:46

I've used sandpaper to get the real thick burnt on stuff off. It depends on how thick it is!

wantslotsofbabies · 18/01/2008 19:09

try soaking it overnight with daz or whatever washing powder you use and a little drop of water.

BrownSuga · 18/01/2008 19:18

baking soda and vinegar. paste it on, leave for ages. wipe/scrub off, worked for me.

BecauseImWorthIt · 18/01/2008 19:22


They charged me £70 to clean my oven and hob, and they looked as if I'd never, ever used them when they had finished!

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