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Plastic container contents smelling 'plasticky'

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wangle99 · 16/01/2008 10:06

I have some of the click and seal containers (from Tesco) and I keep noticing that the contents smell like the containers a bit plasticky.

I'm sure this isn't right?

OP posts:
Roskva · 16/01/2008 20:28

It tends to happen with the slightly opaque, bendy plastic containers, less so with the clear, brittle ones. If you're using them for the freezer, dip the container in warm water and transfer to glass or china container to defrost, and if you're using them for storage, if poss keep things like rice, grains, biscuits in their original wrappings inside the container.

wangle99 · 16/01/2008 21:10

Thank you, it was biscuits I particularly noticed it, they almost tasted plasticky! I will attempt to keep them in their packets

OP posts:
Roskva · 17/01/2008 21:17

I've noticed it with nuts - the plasticky taste is really unpleasant, but if I keep the whole pack in the box, it's not a problem. Biscuits don't last very long in this house . I recently found a set of glass bowls with plastic lids in Wilkinsons - they were about £6 for 5 in various sizes, and are brilliant because the food doesn't come into contact with the plastic. They also stack nicely in the fridge or cupboard.

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