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how do you get turmeric out

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Susiemj · 14/01/2008 10:53

It's got onto my husband's stripy polo shirt. Any ideas how I get it out.

Have read on here the lemon huice might help. I've tried vanish. Anyone know a magic tip?

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Chopster · 14/01/2008 10:54

I don't think you can! I've done it a few times and tried everything.

Susiemj · 14/01/2008 15:51

it can't be invincible!! please!!

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Sunshinemummy · 14/01/2008 15:52

Stain Devil does a curry one which you could try. I've managed to get it out using a combination of this, soaking in vanish and washing a few times.

hanaflower · 14/01/2008 15:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunshinemummy · 14/01/2008 16:10

The alternative is to dye the polo shirt.

ninedragons · 15/01/2008 00:50

Oooh! ooh! ooh! For the very first time, a housekeeping question that I know the answer to!

Leave it in bright sunlight and it should fade before your eyes. Admittedly I've only ever confirmed that this works with tupperware, rather than cloth, but it's worth a try.

Assuming you can find some sunlight in the UK at this time of year.

FarcicalAlienQueen · 15/01/2008 00:52


Susiemj · 15/01/2008 09:51

sunlight? dry? you can tell it's an asian spice . i'm in wales!!

will try as soon as mr un peeks out.

thank for help.

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