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Hard water areas and sterilizers / Kettles

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Shell001 · 13/01/2008 22:02


Just wondere if anyone else has hard water in there home and has problems with chalky white left behind .. on sterilizer and kettle ... ?? Any ideas on best ways to prevent i mainly use pre boiled water now but not always to hand ...

OP posts:
nannyL · 13/01/2008 22:07

boil vinegar and leave it for a bit

rince 3 times with water after wards

sophiewd · 13/01/2008 22:11

We gave up and bough Britta Filter kettles.

kindersurprise · 13/01/2008 22:13

I have a similar kettle to this one, with integrated water filter.

Shell001 · 13/01/2008 22:16

Is it ok to use for baby bottles filtered water ?

OP posts:
sophiewd · 13/01/2008 22:18

We did, and she came to know harm, it was either that or really scummy water.

nannyL · 13/01/2008 22:24

you are not supposed to use filtered water for babies bottles...

but there are lots of things that you are not supposed to do, and people who do it have babies who turn out fine.

You really are supposed to use freshly boiled tap water

kindersurprise · 13/01/2008 22:24

Yes, we did too. The water where we live is really horrible, leaves a film on the top of tea.

sophiewd · 13/01/2008 22:26

We did try with boiled water and got a different kettle for the bottles but gave up when we ended up haveing to descale it every 2 days.

Lucy10 · 13/01/2008 22:26

I live in a very hard water area so am constnatly de-scaling

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