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Where do you get your logs for the fire?

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PeachesMcLean · 12/01/2008 23:26

And do you have to season them youself? If so, how long do you give them?

Only had a fire for a month. We've been getting ours from B&Q - suspect this is not the most cost effective way of doing it!

OP posts:
Wintrickwood2016 · 10/08/2016 08:58

I am a wood supplier. And reading through your messages it can be a mine field when coming to a supplier. I may take a couple of contacts to get the right one. Ask for samples is always a good start. There are 3 types of wood out there. Seasoned (left to dry over a year and a moisture content of 20% or less. Kiln dried (moisture content of 15% or less) and the stuff you buy from garages. Steer clear of this as it is often wet and once going gives off little heat, blackens the screen and chokes the chimney flue over a period of time.

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