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I'd really appreciate some style advice on which bed to buy DD.

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mckenzie · 10/01/2008 23:02

We have just ordered her fitted wardrobes and dressing table and the colour is called 'beech'. We can buy a divan and have the headboard and footboard made out of the same wood or We can just buy a bed that will go. Her curtains and blinds are going to be Harlequin Bee Happy Flowers range and we haven't made any firm decision yet about the walls.

Should we buy a plain white bed so that we dont have to match the wood, wait and get it made or what?? Please please help me - I am useless at this sort of stuff and DH is so busy with work that I don't feel I can bother him with it.


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pinkteddy · 10/01/2008 23:05

how old is she? Whatever you do, don't buy a toddler bed as they grow out of them really quickly.

mckenzie · 10/01/2008 23:11

She's nearly three pinkteddy and so it's definitely a proper single bed we'll be buying.
(I've promised the bed that she is in now to my friend as it's a cotbed and she needs it for her new recruit who should arrive early April time so i need to get cracking)

OP posts:
moondog · 10/01/2008 23:13

Just buy a palin one which will last for ages. Ikea do some nice ones.

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