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Can someone come and talk mops to me please?

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Wags · 06/01/2008 12:26

Need a mop, have used heaps of different sorts over the years. Now fed up, can't find one I like. Have just used neighbours vileda one, sort of long thin sponge on end that you can squeeze between these roller things. Horrible, the roller things scratched along the floor, not the sponge. I have got laminate floor all downstairs and a dog in season. I need you mop experts quickly

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SlightlyMadShrek · 06/01/2008 12:31

I lov my vlidea actually....

BUT the very best I have ever used is a traditional string mop and squidgy bucket.

Wags · 06/01/2008 12:33

I like the idea of the vileda but each time I go back and forth with it the sponge sort of flips and the plastic bit just scratch on the floor. I tried to keep it more upright, but I am tall and my back isn't great so it didn't seem that successful. Like string ones, lack storage space for bucket thingy.

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Cappuccino · 06/01/2008 12:35

I have a microfibre mop and do the hard floors daily

this sounds a massive job but with a microfibre mop it takes 3 minutes

it's not a Deep Clean or anything but I find that if I have to mop the floor and faff about with a bucket I just don't do it very often

you just run it under the tap

SlightlyMadShrek · 06/01/2008 12:42

I am a short ares, so maybe it helps.

I hold it low with teh course bit against the floor

FluffyMummy123 · 06/01/2008 12:46

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 · 06/01/2008 12:47

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino · 06/01/2008 12:50

yes I have cod's one that's the one I was talking about

except mine was £2 from the half price shop

Wags · 06/01/2008 13:45

Thanks for the help. I like the look of the Lakeland one. Do you take the head off each time you have finished so it can dry. I want to store it in the downstairs loo, so if the head comes off easily I can keep the mop in the loo and just pop the microfibre thing somewhere to dry. I work near Bluewater, I feel a Lakeland visit coming on

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Cappuccino · 06/01/2008 14:17

I take it off and fling it in the washing machine

Wags · 06/01/2008 14:23

Thanks Cappuccino, sounds just the ticket then. Could get a few heads, we have a Dalmatian so mops get dirty very quickly!

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