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Need dog poo advice...!

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Monkeybird · 02/01/2008 16:30

Am moving house shortly. Previous owners had an 'indoor' dog who was let out into the garden to poo. Said owners and dog kindly left us a number of little 'deposits' where my kids are likely to play, including the main toilet which is a gravelled area...

Will remove all visible 'gifts' but worried about stuff left in the gravel (my three year old loves nothing more than picking up stones etc...)

What should I do/use to de-faeces and/or disinfect the area?

Thanks all...

OP posts:
hercules1 · 02/01/2008 16:38

We use gravel in our dogs toilet area. We reguarly disinfect it using watered down Jeyes fluid. HTH

Monkeybird · 02/01/2008 16:53

So I can just spray the area with normal disinfectant then?

Does anyone know when the area/soil will be OK for play on (ie how long I need to ban them from the area?)

Am worried about toxo whatever it is mostly. I know it's probably paranoid but...

OP posts:
hercules1 · 02/01/2008 17:33

I use a watering can rather than just spray it so it washes the pebbles. Once it drys it's fine but check the label. You can also water it down with the hose again without disenfencant before lo goes there.

hercules1 · 02/01/2008 17:33

It's not normal disinfectant. It's especially for dogs areas and is safe for pets etc once dry.

lenaschildminding · 02/01/2008 17:43

We have two big dogs! Lots of poo! A jet washer and Jeyes fluid does the job, there are risks with poo, I think one of them can cause blindness, but I think you would need to have a lot of contact with the poo, not just mild traces left after clearing it up. Afterall, dogs poo in public places and responsible owners will pick it up, however they can not carry jet washers and jeyes fluid around with them even though you may sit on that same patch of grass with your picnic!

I do think it is absolutely disgraceful they they left it in your garden.

Surely they could have cleared up before they left! There are rules about leaving rubbish behind when you move...surely there must be rules for that too!

hercules1 · 02/01/2008 17:44

The dog has to have round worm too but tbh if they are the type of people to leave poo behind for you then they maynot have kept up with regular worming.

Monkeybird · 02/01/2008 21:09

OK that's really helpful thanks. I know it is a bit shocking, they didn't clean inside the house either but I was quite horrified at the amount of dog poo...

So will the disinfectant deal with roundworms also? Can I buy the stuff I need at a supermarket? DIY store etc?

Really appreciate the advice.

OP posts:
hercules1 · 03/01/2008 11:23

Tescos sell it with the bleaches etc. You should be okay. Personally I'd pour boiling water there too if your lo is going to play there. We have a separate toilet area for our dogs so the kids don't go near any poo or any left over bits.

lenaschildminding · 03/01/2008 13:55

hercules, if only all dog owners were so sensible. We have a large kennel and run in our garden for our dogs, they sleep in the kichen and our tiled floors are disinfected everyday before the lo's are allowed to crawl in there.

Monkeybird, I am so sorry your moving experiance has been overshadowed by the lazy people you bought the house from. I know when we have moved I have cleaned throughly, my Mum is the same, you could have ate your dinner off her floor!!!!

Chequers · 15/01/2008 11:03

Message withdrawn

FioFio · 15/01/2008 11:07

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Message withdrawn

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